Pit Bull Energy Drink

Pit Bull Energy Drink

Why did YOU give me a two-star rating on Blog Explosion for?

Did I upset or offend YOU?

Are YOU upset that I gave a two rating for both Honey Bunches of Oats with Real Bananas and Mixed Berry 7-Up Plus? Are YOU offended by my one rating for the Hood Carb Countdown Strawberry-Banana Lowfat Yogurt Smoothie?

Or are YOU upset that the only “people” who leave comments on your blog are your imaginary friends, “Mr. Squeekers” and “Brad Pitt.”

What did I do?

Did I not make YOU laugh? Are my reviews not detailed enough for YOU? Do YOU hate the color orange? Do YOU work for Consumer Reports? Do YOU think I’m a comment whore? Are YOU offended by my use of the word “whore?”

Oh, sorry folks. I just drank a can of Pit Bull Energy Drink, which claims to be “attitude in a can.” I’ve only had it in my system for a few minutes, but so far I think that claim might be true. Or it could be the caffeine, sugar, taurine, and inositol combination in the Pit Bull Energy Drink that’s doing the talking.

Now back to the attitude.

I wouldn’t be like this if YOU gave me a five- or a six-star rating, but YOU gave me a two-star rating. The only blogs that deserve a two- star rating are those that promote hatred towards puppies, talk about how Microsoft Windows 98 is the greatest operating system ever, and those that only post their results for Quizilla quizzes every single day.

What did I do to deserve this?

It’s like YOU think my blog will cause the downfall of America’s youth or it promotes smoking.

I went to your blog, and just like this Pit Bull Energy Drink, I have to say there’s nothing special about it. At least the Pit Bull Energy Drink has a nice lemon-lime ginger ale taste to it. Your blog doesn’t have anything like that to give it a nice sweet and tart taste.


Now that I got most of the attitude from the Pit Bull Energy Drink out of me, I have to say that I really don’t care if YOU gave me a two-star rating. It’s your opinion and I’ll respect it.

I guess I can’t please everyone.

Item: Pit Bull Energy Drink
Purchase Price: $2.29
Rating: 3 out of 5
Pros: Nice lemon-lime ginger ale taste. Better than a certain blog. Caffeine.
Cons: Nothing separates it from other energy drinks. The name kind of rips off Red Bull. Perhaps too much attitude.

26 thoughts to “Pit Bull Energy Drink”

  1. I just recently found out that you can actually see WHO rated you and WHAT they rated you, so when I went to go look at my ratings over at Blog Explosion, here’s what the window said that popped up:

    ” BlogExplosion has received feedback from many members that the feature of being able to see who rated your blog and what those ratings were can actually deter members from rating other sites in the fear of getting negative reciprocal votes. For this reason BlogExplosion has decided to disable this feature for the time being and will be polling members shortly to have members vote on whether or not this feature should be offered moving forward and/or what’s the best solution to address these concerns.

    The member poll to be held shortly will determine the collective vote of all members to either remove this feature entirely or at minimum the option for members to not have their votes revealed. Either way from this point forward BlogExplosion members will not be forced to reveal what they rated other member blogs.”

    I’m sure BlogExplosion read your blog and took action. Thanks a lot productboy!…heh heh. Just kidding….OR AM I?!….okay, I am.

  2. Of course I want to know about Marvo, the impulsive buyer! I thought only women were impulsive buyers, so hell, I don’t even know if you’re a woman or a man. Ooops, that just meant I haven’t read all your posts, don’t worry, I’ll be back. But honestly, this is the first thing I read on a blog. If I like what the person said about him/herself I read what they have to say. 🙂 It makes things a lot easier, even though here I know I wouldn’t mind if you voted red or blue. This blog rocks! Now why don’t you review yourself?

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