REVIEW: Mr. Clean Magic Eraser Duo

Mr. Clean Magic Eraser Duo

I think I might be the last person on the face of the Earth to try the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser. But I guess I should be used to jumping late on the bandwagon, like I did with Hypercolor clothes, Razor scooters, calculator wristwatches, acid washed jeans, and the second coming of the yo-yo.

I’m surprised that I’m not still living in the 1990s. Thank you VH1, for showing me what is no longer cool. Now where the hell were you in high school?

Anyway, I finally got onto the bandwagon again when I tried the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser Duo, which is slightly different than the original. It has a blue absorbent layer on one side, which is used to wipe up things like a normal sponge.

If you’ve never used a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser, it’s very simple to use. Just wet it like a sponge, squeeze out the excess water, and wipe away dirt and grime. Also, if you’ve never used a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser, you’re even more uncool than I am.

So for this review I’ve decided to also write a poem, which is very familiar to the Oscar Mayer wiener song, because I’ve had that song in my head all day for some strange reason. Enjoy.

Oh I wish the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser Duo was a source of fuel.
A source that could run my car for months, weeks, days, or hours.
Cause if the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser Duo was a source of fuel,
I wouldn’t need to spend $2.45 a gallon on my car’s power.
However, the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser Duo isn’t a source of fuel,
But it got rid of the stubborn Gatorade stains on my kitchen counter.

Oh I wish the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser Duo was a sledgehammer,
With huge iron spikes that were dipped in poison or hydrochloric acid.
Cause if the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser Duo was a sledgehammer,
I’d use it on those damn German spammers and turn their hands flaccid.
However, the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser Duo isn’t a sledgehammer,
But it easily erased an hour-old Sharpie pen mark that was quite massive.

Oh I wish the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser Duo was a TV studio executive,
With the power to cancel any show when ratings begin to drop.
Cause if the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser Duo was a TV studio executive,
Reality TV would be gone, giving people 15 minutes of fame has to stop.
However, the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser Duo isn’t a TV studio executive,
But it got rid of all the crap that was on my white electric stove top.

Oh I wish the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser Duo was a dominatrix,
With a whip, stiletto heels, and dressed in a leather and chain suit.
Cause if the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser Duo was a dominatrix,
I’d want her to tie me down and step on my face with her leather boot.
However, the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser Duo isn’t a dominatrix,
But it erased what’s in between my shower’s tiles without me being brute.

Item: Mr. Clean Magic Eraser Duo
Purchase Price: $4.99 (4-pack)
Rating: 8 out of 10
Pros: Many uses. Easy to use. Magically got rid of stuff without much effort.
Cons: Slightly pricey.

32 thoughts to “REVIEW: Mr. Clean Magic Eraser Duo”

  1. I love the empty pen comment. What;’s a SAHM?For carpet stuff, they make the little handheld steamcleaners that work pretty good. Granted I don’t have kids, but I do have three dogs and a cat, and no stains on my carpet. Beat that magic eraser! Mine is a dirt devil one.

  2. Busy Mom – Then you could sell your babies and make a profit.

    Becky – I think Puff the Magic Dragon was the best dragon to ever come about.

    Amy in GA – A SAHM is short for Stay At Home Mom. As for having kids, I don’t have any either, but I know that you should be glad that your dogs and cat don’t have opposable thumbs, because if they did, they could do some real damage.

  3. Grins – Yeah, go kick Mr. Clean’s ass. I hate that smug look on his face. He’s got his arms folded like he’s watching you clean to make sure you don’t miss a spot. He’s got that earring and bald head to make him look tough. If he’s Mr. Clean why don’t I ever see him doing any cleaning. Also, where’s Mrs. Clean? Is there a Mrs. Clean? Or is there another Mr. Clean, ifyouknowwhatImean.

  4. Grins – Of course there’s nothing wrong with that, but if he is gay I wish he would just come out of the closet already. Maybe it would encourage other advertising characters to come out as well, like Snap, Crackle, and Pop. They are so in the closet.

  5. I am a loyal user of the magic erasers. They wwork beautifully, and like the people before me have said, if you buy the original, it comes out to about a dollar per eraser. For me, it’s a very worthwhile buy.

  6. Okay — bought it, used it, loved it! Got the original (I have plenty of plain sponges, thank you Magic Eraser Duo designers) and gave it the Big Challenge: the red crayon marks that I have not been able to remove from a wall. The marks have been there for *months*, despite numerous attempts with various cleaners. Verdict? Gone! Yes, so are my arm muscles, but at least my daughter now has a clean canvas. Think I’ll be stocking up on these.

  7. As long as we are talking about in the closet, what’s up w/Burt and Ernie? And do you notice that there is only one female smurf, yet lots of little ones suddenly? And while we are talking about smurfs, Gargamel made Smurfette as a trap for catching the smurfs, she was a brunette. When she decided she couldn’t hurt her “friends” she joined them and went blond. What the hell? And suddenly lots of small smurfs running around. They ganag banged the poor girl. And this is a children’s show? How sick is that.

  8. A-Dub – I wish I had bought the original, but I’m a guy and I have to have the latest and the greatest.

    Mellie Helen – Just letting you know that inkless pens and imagination are cleaner.

    Amy in GA – Hmm. That would explain the Smurfs named Herpes and Syphilis.

  9. I hate the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser. About 10 years ago, my younger daughter got her hands on a sharpie and tastefully decorated my kitchen cabinets with toddler art. I have been plotting to get new kitchen cabinets and this was to be the year, when lo and behold, my older daughter finds the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser, tries it on the 10 year old Sharpie art and the art disappears. Now my husband is gleefully running around the house with catalogues for new power tools because we no longer need new kitchen cabinets. Arrrrgghh!!

  10. Soozeee_q – Might I suggest a compromise with your husband. He gets to have the power tools, but with them he has to build you new kitchen cabinets, unless he sucks at building things. If that’s the case, burn the power tools catalogs.

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