Hefty Serve ‘n Store

After seeing how the Hefty Serve ‘n Store interlocking plates and bowls work, I now have a better understanding of how two adolescent teens with braces making out behind the library could easily get stuck together.

Unfortunately, the Serve ‘n Store plates and bowls didn’t give me a better understanding of how to separate two adolescent teens with braces that got stuck together while making out behind the library. I think only an orthodontist could help me with that.

The purpose of the Serve ‘n Store plastic disposable tableware is to allow you to serve, store, and eat leftovers. Every plate is a lid, and every lid is a plate, locking together like Legos or two adolescent teens with braces making out behind the library.

The whole plate-lid thing sort of confuses me, much like every time I see Latoya Jackson and wonder if it’s really Latoya or if it’s Michael with plastic surgery that makes him look black again. How do I know the lid is actually the lid and not the plate? Someone could easily flip it on me and mess with my mind.

Locking together the Serve ‘n Store plates and bowls are significantly easier than solving a Sudoku puzzle and they are also not as addictive to play with as Sudoku puzzles.

I found the Serve ‘n Store plates very convenient when I wanted to pack away food in single servings, but I also found them inconvenient because they weren’t microwaveable. I could serve, store, and eat food, but I just couldn’t warm it up.

However, after some extra research I found that I may not be able to warm up food with the Serve ‘n Store, but I could entertain with them. If you combine two Serve ‘n Store plates they make a decent frisbee. If you add some bells to your frisbee, it turns into a decent tambourine, and you can pretend to be Cher or any female singer from the 1960s or 1970s.

Besides not being able to put the Serve ‘n Store in the microwave, another thing that bothered me was the irritating sound that the locked plates and bowls made when pulled apart.

But I guess I should be glad that the irritating sound won’t make Biggie and Tupac want to roll over in their graves like Kevin Federline’s upcoming rap album will.

Although when I added an 80s dance beat to the irritating sound, it sounded much better.

It also sounded better when I added an edgy rock beat and a weird house beat.

But the irritating sound became even more disturbing when I added an 80s dance beat, plus a video of me stripping.

(Editor’s Note: Thanks to Charlie Kondek from Hass MS&L for sending me the Hefty Serve ‘n Store to review.)

(Editor’s Note 2: Our friend at Cheap Eats also did a review of this product, which you can read here.)

Item: Hefty Serve ‘n Store
Purchase Price: FREE (suggested retail price $2.69)
Rating: 3 out of 5
Pros: Convenient way to store stuff. Better than Kevin Federline’s upcoming rap album. Combining two plates make a decent frisbee. Combining two plates and some bells make a decent tambourine.
Cons: Can’t microwave. Separating the interlocking plates and bowls causes an irritating sound. Ten-inch plates come in a 15-count pack, so one plate will be lonely. Kevin Federline’s upcoming rap album. People who buy Kevin Federline’s upcoming rap album, all two of them, including his mom and Britney.

31 thoughts to “Hefty Serve ‘n Store”

  1. I saw this on TV and burst out laughing. What happened to plastic wrap and ceramic plates?
    Then again, I was intrigued to try it myself to see how it works out. But I was too lazy to go to the store to buy it but now I got a good review!

    btw, do you get Kirin Supli in that rock in the middle of the Pacific Ocean?

  2. Alas, I cannot view your spectacular video Marvo. I only saw a teeny, tiny bit of it when my computer locked up. Damn you Quicktime!

    As for the locking plates, I first heard about this a couple of weeks ago and I thought to myself, “It’s about freaking time!” Seriously, how many times have I come from a party packing some food and I’d have to tape/staple the plates together? I haven’t bought these plates, but they definitely seem to be an improvement.

  3. Genny From the Burbs – Like some people at bars, in the light I’m homely, but in the dark and as a silhouette I’m extremely hot.

    Jay Nickola – I’ve learned that if I have a computer, ears, and music creation software, I can be a musical hack.

    Bryan – How come we didn’t get the microwavable ones? Damn you Bottom Feeder! Damn you!

    Jen – Free computers!?! Holy shit! I bet they get you on the shipping, right? You know what, I’m going for it and when I get my free computer, I’m going to donate it to a needy village in a third-world country. Oh shit! I forgot. Most villages in third-world countries don’t have electricity. Maybe they could use the computer as a paper weight or a bookend. Oh shit! I forgot. Most people in villages in third-world countries are illiterate. You know what? Screw the third-world country. You know what I’m going to do with my free computer when I get it? I’m going to do this thing where I tell people I’m going to give away a free computer, and to get that free computer people have to sign up for stuff like free credit reports or a free month of Blockbuster. Someone gets a free computer and I get paid from these free credit report companies and Blockbuster. Oh man, that would be total cool!

    Daniel – The rancid leftovers will only cause damage on the outside, but a DVD of my striptease will cause damage on the inside.

    Kayleigh – But there are microwaveable versions of this product. Just look for the white ones instead of the red ones.

    jinhamasaki – It probably is at one of the many Japanese food stores here. Is it a beer? Doesn’t Kirin make beer?

    Toni – Eh, the video isn’t very spectacular. It’s just me stripping. If you’ve seen one stripping video you’ve seen them all.

  4. i’ve microwaved these with no trouble. i don’t know why you couldn’t. maybe there was a warning about microwaving naked, which i’m sure you probably did – to an 80’s beat.

  5. Yeah Kirin makes beer, but Kirin Supli is a sports drink, kinda like gatorade. Only it has FIBER and Vitamins!

  6. what a rip! I mean, if you can’t microwave them, they’re pretty much useless…why would I bother putting them in one of those only to have to transport it to yet ANOTHER bowl that can be microwaved before heating it up? That’s way too much work for lazy peeps like me.

  7. “I also found them inconvenient because they weren’t microwaveable. I could serve, store, and eat food, but I just couldn’t warm it up.”

    Hefty made real smart move there. Considering most people warm up leftovers with a microwave, what the hell were they thinking?

  8. To prevent the dreaded two-plate-add-foil-or-plastic-wrap fiasco, I went and actually bought foam take away trays with the lid attached (much like most 1 choice, 2 choice places give out on your rock). Works like a charm.

  9. mai – Don’t worry, I don’t microwave naked. I don’t want to scramble my eggs.

    jinhamasaki – Those crazy Japanese folks. Robot dogs, poop water, and fiber sports drinks. What will they think of next?

    Webmiztris – Tambourine!!!

    plastic peeps – Well there is the microwaveable version, but it’s only for the white plates. Hmm…Colorism?

    Gia on Guam – Holy crap! I have a reader in Guam! Anyway, as bad as styrofoam is for the environment, Iove my plate lunch.

  10. I have been viewing the commercials on this product with some interest, but not sure about spending the $$. But this seems like it these might be good to have on hand for Thanksgiving or barbeques, we are always making plates for absent neighbors or guests’ family members.

    Has anyone determined whether they can indeed be washed and reused? My husband will say I am crazy and not go for that idea, but I’m just asking.

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