Morningstar Farms Honey Mustard Chik’n Tenders

I guess being fake is the new black.

Just ask James Frey and the Morningstar Farms Honey Mustard Chik’n Tenders.

How could you do this to me, Morningstar Farms Honey Mustard Chik’n Tenders?

God, I feel so cheated, bamboozled, conned, deceived, defrauded, duped, finagled, hoodwinked, mislead, screwed, suckered, swindled, victimized, and any other word in the thesaurus that also means to be cheated.

I trusted that you would give me delicious chicken tender goodness in exchange for my three dollars and fifty cents. How was I supposed to know that you were veggie tenders and didn’t contain any “chik’n” at all?

I know it says “veggie tenders” on your box, but I thought the amount of veggies in you were the same amounts of shredded carrots and celery the cafeteria workers at my old grade school would sneak into the meat lasagna to meet USDA school lunch standards.

Also, on top of the lie about you not having any chicken, I later learned that you contained milk and egg ingredients, which really doesn’t make you 100% vegetarian, like your box says. So to vegans, you’re not really 100% vegetarian, you’re just inedible and a liar.

How are my vegan homies supposed to keep it real?

I really feel duped. I feel duped. But more importantly I feel that you betrayed millions of eaters.

The pleasing scent of honey mustard that filled my kitchen might’ve made up for all the lies, but your honey mustard taste was weak. I wish your honey mustard flavor came in the form of a dipping sauce.

After eating a couple of “chik’n” tenders, I decided to eat the rest using a more honest condiment, ketchup, which is made from REAL tomato concentrate.

But that’s not the end of the lies. Here’s another one. You look so crispy on the box, but sticking you in my toaster oven for over twenty minutes at 375 degrees wasn’t even enough to make you crispy.

Also, why do you come with seven “chik’n” tenders? That’s an odd number. Are you going to lie to me and say the 8th piece was actually a chicken tender and because it was a chicken tender, it ran away.

At least you’re slightly healthy, with 7 grams of fat, 13 grams of protein, 4 grams of fiber and 480 mg of sodium in only two pieces. Unless you’re lying about that too.

Despite being a liar, you are a healthier substitute for real chicken nuggets, especially McDonald’s Chicken McNuggets. However, just like McDonald’s Chicken McNuggets, I don’t know what’s in you, and I really don’t want to know.

Besides, even if you did tell me, it would probably be just a lie.

Item: Morningstar Farms Honey Mustard Chik’n Tenders
Purchase Price: $3.50 (on sale)
Rating: 2.5 out of 5
Pros: Healthier than other chicken nuggets. Nice honey mustard smell. High in protein and dietary fiber. Ketchup.
Cons: A big fat liar. Weak honey mustard taste. High sodium. Wasn’t crispy. Contains milk and egg ingredients, which my strict vegetarians homies may not like.

45 thoughts to “Morningstar Farms Honey Mustard Chik’n Tenders”

  1. “Jobetta – A T-Rex is totally cool. Big like a building, but dumb like Paris Hilton.”

    Totally. Actually I think the T-Rex might be smarter and far less self-involved than Paris Hilton. If I ever become an archaeologist and discover a T-rex skeleton I’m going to name it Paris Hilton.

  2. I’m a former vegetarian but I still eat a lot of non-meat stuff. I prefer the spicy buffalo version of these. They are not bad if you can remember from the get-go that they aren’t chicken and will not taste just like it. I have to remind my hubs of that all the time. They actually do get crunchy if you cook them in a toaster oven. Works for me, anyway 🙂

  3. Jobetta – Also, the T-Rex’s acting ability in Jurassic Park was 1,000 times better than the acting job Paris Hilton did in House of Wax.

    Izzy – You’re the third or fourth person to mention the buffalo wing version. Hmm…I am intrigued by them even more.

  4. I had a 12 oz prime rib – still mooing on Saturday night…too bad 3 ounces of it was fat. Those aussie bastards cheated me.

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