Happy Presidents’ Day!!!

Thank you George Washington and Abraham Lincoln for having your birthdays in the same month. If you didn’t, some of us might not have every third Monday of February off.

I’m sure there are people all over the United States, who at this moment, are celebrating all of your great achievements by going to the mall and participating in the various Presidents’ Day sales going on.

I might celebrate Presidents’ Day by going to CompUSA and purchasing a Seagate 200GB hard drive for $29.99 after rebates.

Anyway, I’d not only like to wish everyone a Happy Presidents’ Day, but I’d also like to announce the winners for this month’s prize drawing for the Method Olive Leaf Body Wash and the Gillette Fusion Power razor.

The winner of the Method Olive Leaf Body Wash is Eryn, who will be smelling like pepper over the next few weeks.

The winner of the Gillette Fusion Power razor is Tiff, who will either shave her legs with it or maybe have the opportunity to shave a yak. (Guess the cartoon reference that’s from and you’ll win nothing.)

Thanks to everyone who participated.

Happy Presidents’ Day!

22 thoughts to “Happy Presidents’ Day!!!”

  1. gko – If CompUSA wasn’t out of stock of it, I would’ve filled it up with 175GB of porn by now.

    Andy – I think yak wrestling would make hundreds of dollars. You’d be semi-rich, until PETA steps in. Or the FBI. Or angry yaks.

    Eryn – Perfect!

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