NEWS: You Say Clamato, I Say Oh-Hell-No

I’ve never had a Clamato in my life, but I’m going to assume that the new Clamato Energia energy drink is possibly the worst energy drink idea EVER.

Sure, it’s got the usual ginseng, guarana, and taurine found in other energy drinks, but the reconstituted tomato juice concentrate mixed with reconstituted dried clam broth in the Clamato itself makes it as appealing as combing the armpit hairs of a juiced up Eastern European female bodybuilder with a voice that sounds like James Earl Jones.

Of course, being the masochistic bastard that I am, I would totally try the Clamato Energia…and possibly comb the armpit hairs of an Eastern European female bodybuilder on steroids. Although I’m allergic to shellfish, so drinking one may cause me to get hives or pass out.

Perhaps one of the more frightening things about the Clamato Energia is the possibility that it might be a gateway drink to even worse beverages, such as anything that contestants on Fear Factor would drink for $50,000 or an O’Doul’s.

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26 thoughts to “NEWS: You Say Clamato, I Say Oh-Hell-No”

  1. This shit is gross as hell. I seen it at big lots for $0.50 so I bought it because I needed the can for my collection. It smelled like something from my ass! I took a sip and spit it out then I puked becasue of it. This shit sould have a poison label!

    Worst Energy Drink on the Planet!

  2. Chris Harrison – Just thinking about that makes me nauseous.

    Alan – I think if it said Worst Energy Drink on the Planet, it would sell a whole lot more.

  3. @Marvo,

    No. 50 cents was a rip off! I don’t know exactly which level of Hell they make this stuff, but it must be from the bad part of town.

  4. I love Clamato juice, and I love energy drinks! I wonder if they have this in Canada? It looks pretty good.

  5. tgpo – If it’s that bad, I’m pretty sure it’s available at all levels of hell.

    Silent Xenocide – Really? You love Clamato juice? Well I’m glad you’re helping keep that company in business. 🙂

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