[Updated] Um…So apparently all comments have been deleted.

Written by | February 16, 2008

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…and I can’t leave comments.


Update: Uh, nevermind. I just had to repair my SQL database. All is good in the world.

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  1. sa'right! says:


  2. Fromm says:


  3. Fromm says:


  4. Red Icculus says:

    If quizzes make you quizzical, what do tests make you?

  5. cybele says:

    Glad to hear you fixed it. Otherwise I would have left all of my comments again right here. Which would have amounted to various versions of “that’s the funniest thing ever.”

  6. demondoll says:


  7. liz says:

    phew i thought the world was coming to an end.

  8. Yay for SQL. It makes your world just a little more exciting.

  9. Peachy says:


  10. luckinflux says:


  11. bikerbabeee says:

    Testes Testers…. hee hee

  12. the dude says:


  13. She Ra says:

    Not test related, but I just saw dill pickle flavored pringles at the store. I’m dying of curiosity about them and am hoping that you or Ace will please review them for me. (I’m too scared to eat them.) Thanks!