Winners of Potato/Fruit Crisps!!!

Written by | May 27, 2008

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Winning isn’t the only thing in life. There’s also losing. Occasionally, there are ties. What I’m trying to say at 1:00 in the morning is that sometimes you win some and sometimes you lose some. For 30-something of you who participated, you lost. For six of you, you won a sample of Brother-All-Natural crisps…and possibly wasted all your winning mojo and will never win anything again.

Winners were randomly chosen out of an empty Brothers-All-Natural potato crisps bag (Me likey the recycley). Here are the six winners of the Brothers-All-Natural products:

Comment #7 – jtmoney
Comment #23 – Erika
Comment #24 – rossitron
Comment #17 – Kylie
Comment #14 – Echo810
Comment #32 – Tiff

Each winner will receive either a sample of Brothers-All-Natural fruit crisps or potato crisps.

Thanks to everyone who participated!

7 Comments For This Post I'd Love to Hear Yours!

  1. Mandy says:

    Congrats winnahz!

  2. jtmoney says:

    yay! i’ve never won something before and i likely will never win again, so i’m ok with having used up my winning mojo.

    how do we receive our prize?

  3. Kylie says:

    Yippy Skipy! I won something! That’s so cool!

  4. Marvo says:

    jtmoney – Check your email for instructions.

  5. ChrisP says:

    Sigh… so much for the sweet, sweet potato crisps. On the upside, at least i still have my winning mojo.

  6. ChrisP says:

    By the way, I’m desperately in need of a new review. 6 days already?!?!!!

  7. Misss_e (Erica) says:

    Aww…I never win shyte!