Dog Poop Herbal Toothpaste Winners Announced!!!

Written by | October 29, 2008

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There are a whole bunch of you who didn’t win the Twin Lotus Herbal Toothpaste from Thailand and are probably disappointed about that. But think of all the gagging you would’ve gone through if you had won. Think about the brown paste coming out of the tube and occasionally making farting sounds. Imagine your face grimacing from the strong herbal, dirt flavor.

Although you may not have to experience any of the above, two TIB readers do and they are:

Comment #32 – cjwsbg
Comment #65 – shNermal

Each winner will receive a tube of the Twin Lotus Herbal Toothpaste, which they can use to either brush their teeth or use for whatever evil plot they have in mind for those who have crossed them.

Congratulations to the “winners” and thanks to everyone who participated!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    better them than me

  2. Nevis says:

    Is congratulations REALLY in order? Or Condolences?

  3. cjwsbg says:

    Hey, thanks?


    Oh the pranks that I have planned…

    And, of course, my children will definitely (be forced to) try it!


  4. Shannon says:

    Hahaha suckers.

  5. Natalie says:

    I’m so glad I did not enter this.

  6. pinkcandlesatrh says:

    dammit! and i really wanted to frost cupcakes with that!

  7. shNermal says:

    Hah! Sucks to be….oh wait