The Week in Reviews – 12/27/2008

Written by | December 27, 2008

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Honestly, I’ve always wanted to French Kiss a reindeer so I can check bestiality off of my list of things I must do before I die. (via Second Rate Snacks)

I learned a new word this week: ramekins. Now I shall use it incorrectly in a sentence: After seeing her son defend the flock, the mama ewe was so proud of her little ramekins. (via Heat Eat Review)

I can’t decide which silly energy drink name I like better: Donkey Kick or Wild Tiger. (via Energy Drink Reviews)

The list of things I can enjoy straight out of the container with a spoon has gotten longer. Ice cream, Cool Whip, Nesquik powder mix, Crisco, and now Spoonfudge. (via Candyblog).

A Fannie May/Chicago Cubs candy bar? Sounds like a candy bar filled with disaster. Combine a baseball team that hasn’t won a World Series in a century with a candy company that has a name similar to a money lending organization that’s been in the news a lot recently and you’ve got a something I would be afraid to purchase for fear of it being cursed or foreclosed. (via Candy Addict)

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  1. Natalie says:

    My family doesn’t have a set of ramekins and I didn’t know they existed until I was 12 and went to stay with my super cool aunt who had them. I thought they were the coolest dishes ever..and when I become a functioning adult with nice things, I’ll include ramekins in my life.

    And Wild Tiger.

  2. Mike says:

    Mmmm…free faux steak.

  3. SarahSilent says:

    Something tells me that drink was only called Donkey Kick after someone reminded everyone else that Donkey Punch was a bit innapropriate.

  4. Marvo says:

    @Natalie – I predict some company out there will come up with Tiger Kick Energy Drink.

    @Mike – Sorry, Mike. Wrong post.

    @SarahSilen – Being inappropriate is something that doesn’t really bother energy drink companies. Cocaine Energy Drink, Crack Head Energy Drink, etc.

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