Popchips Winners Announced!!!

One of these days I want to choose winners by throwing darts blindfolded at a board containing all the entries, but I am such a poor darts thrower that I’m afraid one might ricochet and stab me or I’ll just accidently throw one directly at my foot. So instead I’m left with using an online random number generator to pick the winners.

Here are the four lucky winners of the popchips prize drawing:

Comment #13 marc
Comment #60 Richard
Comment #104 kristen
Comment #115 Alexis

To the winners, if you haven’t already, please check your email for instructions to receive your prize.

Thanks to the kind folks at popchips, each winner will receive a 3.25-ounce bag of the popchips flavor they requested. Also, thanks to 190-something people who entered this prize drawing. If you didn’t win, don’t fret because we will be having another prize drawing soon.

And now…here I am, being your monkey for 193 seconds.

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