NEWS: Whole Grain Helper Doesn’t Help The Fact You’re Still Eating Hamburger Helper

Hamburger Helper CLASSIC Cheeseburger Macaroni

Betty Crocker Whole Grain Helper is kind of like spraying Lysol on poop. The Lysol makes the poop smell a little better, but deep down it’s still poop. While the whole grain pasta or rice in Whole Grain Helper gives us something nutritionists say we need, but deep down it’s still Hamburger Helper.

Now I’m not dissing Hamburger Helper, because Hamburger Helper saved my life. Without it I would’ve starved in college or resorted to stealing my college roommate’s food. But Hamburger Helper can get quite unhealthy and I don’t think adding whole grains will give it any wholesomeness.

Betty Crocker Whole Grain Helper comes in two hamburger varieties and two chicken varieties: Cheeseburger Macaroni, Stroganoff, Honey Mustard Chicken and Lemon & Herb Chicken. The Honey Mustard Chicken contains 100 percent whole grain rice, while the other three varieties contain 100 percent whole grain pasta.

Source: Betty Crocker website

4 thoughts on “NEWS: Whole Grain Helper Doesn’t Help The Fact You’re Still Eating Hamburger Helper

  1. I’m not a big ‘hamburger helper’ fan, but have you tried the Chicken Fried Rice chicken helper kind? That kind is actually really good. I make it for my family and add more sweet peas to it. I heat up some frozen eggrolls and maybe roast some broccoli and call it good! It’s the only ‘helper’ we care for.

  2. I’ve eaten hamburger helped tons over the years and clearly you can’t make it for crap to come out like that mess.

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