NEWS: Cold Stone To Offer Self-Serve Frozen Yogurt, But (Sadly) Won’t Call It CoSto FroYo

Written by | January 20, 2011

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It looks like I’m not the only one who’s jumping on a bandwagon (Go Jets!). Cold Stone, which is known for their creamery, has plans to offer a self-serve frozen yogurt bar at many of their stores. The frozen yogurt craze has been around for a couple of years and it seems like it’s not slowing down. Cold Stone is the second major company in the past few months to introduce frozen yogurt along side their current offerings. Jamba Juice has been testing frozen yogurt for several months at some locations.

Cold Stone’s yogurt flavors will include Cold Stone regulars like vanilla, chocolate, and cake batter, but new tart and tangy flavors will be added. The proprietary yogurt recipe will be low-calorie, non-fat and contain probiotics. Like many frozen yogurt stores, Cold Stone will also offer a selection of self-serve toppings.

With Cold Stone’s frozen yogurt being self-serve, does that mean I would have to leave a tip for myself in order to get me to sing a song? Cold Stone will be installing their yogurt bar into their stores throughout 2011, so I guess I’ll find out sometime this year.

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  1. Chuck says:

    What do we holler? THANKS FOR THE DOLLAR!

  2. Manavee says:

    Cold Stone blows. Actually, their ingredients for a lot of their sundae-like creations are pretty awesome….but the ice cream itself is not that high of quality for the price you pay. If they were to just use some half way decent ice cream, the place would be so much better.

  3. Atticus says:

    CoSto FroYo?


  4. Q says:

    Haha, CoSto FroYo! I hope they steal your idea!

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