NEWS: Silk Fondles Coconuts To Get Milk; Stroking Rice Stalks To Make Milk Is Probably Next

Written by | March 4, 2011

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Silk PureCoconut Milk

Silk is extremely good at turning plants into milk. It started with soy, then last year they expanded to almond, and recently they’ve added their new Silk Pure Coconut coconutmilk. I imagine it must be more pleasant to have plants to milk instead of cows.

No manure to accidentally step in. No moo-ing. No tail to accidentally whip you. No open mouth chewing to look at. No desire to ride on its back. No getting attached to it, making it a part of your family, having to put it down when you need to put food on the table, and then having to eat it. No jealous bulls to impale me when I stroke a cow’s back.

Silk Pure Coconut has 50 percent more calcium than dairy milk and is an excellent source of vitamin D and vitamin B12. It comes in two flavors: Original and Vanilla. The Original has 80 calories per serving, while the Vanilla has 90 calories. Like all of Silk’s milks, Pure Coconut is produced without using GMO (genetically modified organisms) ingredients. Silk Pure Coconut coconutmilk is available now nationwide.

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  1. Chuck says:

    I just had a fresh coconut in Trinidad. Tastes completely different than the processed kind for sure. Good though.

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