VIDEO REVIEW: Mentos UP2U Gum (Mandarin Strawberry/Spearmint and Berry Watermelon/Fresh Mint)

Written by | November 8, 2011

Topics: 5 Rating, 6 Rating, Gum, Mentos

For this video review, I tried the two Mentos UP2U gum varieties Jeff didn’t review in his review. To be honest, at under five minutes, it ended up being a lot longer than I wanted. Anyhoo, enjoy.

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  1. Dave The Dave says:

    I’ve said this before and I will say it again: wear sexier clothing. Would it kill you to make a video update in a tube top or a bikini? Perhaps even without a top at all? I want to get the primal reviewyness from you and I can’t get that when you’re hiding under so much fabric.

  2. Chuck says:

    Next time if you’re having trouble with hairstyles just shave it all off and go for the bald look.

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