NEWS: Red Bull Editions To Treat Your Taste Buds With Fruit Flavors Instead of the Same Old Slightly Medicinal Red Bull Flavor

Written by | October 8, 2012

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Red Bull: Red-, Silver- & Blue-Edition

According to the USA Today, Red Bull is planning to launch three new flavors in the U.S. sometime in March 2013.

The new Red Bull flavors come in three editions — Red (Cranberry), Silver (Lime), and Blue (Blueberry). Of course, this opens the door for Red Bull to release new editions in any CMYK color they choose. Beverage Digest posted a photo of a banner showing the new additions.

Red Bull Editions have already been available in select European markets and in Australia. Energy Drink Heaven reviewed all three varieties earlier this year.

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  1. edjunkie says:

    There is also some new Monsters coming soon. Monster Dub Baller(fruit punch) and also a new Java Kona Cappuccino(nitrous line). This hot on the heels of Monster Zero Ultra(reviewed already) and Monster Cuba Lima(rum and coke flavor)

  2. No\Deli says:

    One of those kids doesn’t belong.

    Silver = lime? Does not compute.

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