NEWS: The Surprise Inside Cracker Jack’d Power Bites is Caffeine, Which is Better Than The Surprise That Comes With Regular Cracker Jack

Written by | November 16, 2012

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Let’s face it. The prizes in today’s Cracker Jack box suck.

But two varieties of the upcoming Cracker Jack’d line will have the greatest prize ever — caffeine.

According to an AdAge article, the Cracker Jack’d line will include two coffee flavored and caffeinated varieties — Cocoa Java Power Bites and Vanilla Mocha Power Bites. These energy Cracker Jack’d versions are expected to have around 70 milligrams of caffeine in each 2-ounce package.

The Cracker Jack’d line, which is being marketed to adults, also includes non-caffeinated snack mixes and popcorn clusters. These varieties are: PB & Chocolate Hearty Mix, Salted Caramel Kickin’ Back Clusters, Cheddar BBQ Hearty Mix, Spicy Pizzeria Intense Mix, Buffalo Ranch Intense Mix, Zesty Queso Hearty Mix, and Berry Yogurt Hearty Mix.

Looking at the non-caffeinated flavors, it appears their surprise is coating our fingers with seasoning or melted chocolate.

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