NEWS: Pepsi and Lay’s in China Team Up For Cola Chicken Flavored Potato Chips

Written by | December 12, 2012

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Holy crap! China has had Pepsi Cola chicken-flavored Lay’s potato chips since August!

According to AdAge:

Cola chicken is a common recipe in China, with chicken wings tossed into a wok and caramelized in soy sauce, spices and cola. In potato-chip form, the flavor is vaguely similar to barbecue with a sugary aftertaste. If there’s any hint of Pepsi, it’s fleeting and lacks fizz.

Now that I know there’s a Chinese dish called cola chicken, I hope Panda Express offers an Americanized version of it really soon.

Here’s the TV commercial for the cola chicken-flavored chips:

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  1. Mike N. says:

    Cola chicken sounds tasty…

    “You got Pepsi in my chicken wings!”
    “You got chicken wings in my Pepsi!”

    Two great tastes that taste great together!

  2. kleenex says:

    Why is it that the USA can’t get these special foreign flavors…

    Whopper flavor potato chips are sold in Mexico…

    • Zachary Jacob Zblewski says:

      Those are available in the US as well. They also have Ketchup & Fries, Cheese Fries, Hot Fries, French Toast Sticks, Onion Rings, and probably more that escape me at the moment.

  3. Steve says:

    Since August?! How did this slip by everyone?

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