SPOTTED ON SHELVES – Stride Sour Patch Kids Gum (Lime and Red Berry)

Stride Sour Patch Kids Gum (Lime and Red Berry)

Update: Click here to read our Stride Sour Patch Kids Gum review

The flavor of Sour Patch Kids without cavities-causing sugar of Sour Patch Kids! (Spotted by John at Circle K.)

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9 thoughts to “SPOTTED ON SHELVES – Stride Sour Patch Kids Gum (Lime and Red Berry)”

  1. No the gum pieces are the shape of all other stride gum wrapped in foil. It’s good but flabor doesn’t last very long. I like the redberry. I know a lot about this gum because I run a machine at work that cuts the pieces and puts the whole package together

    1. They sell them at target and walmart. I got it for my self and to be honest I like them both but, I like the redberry better. They aren’t very sour, just tangy.

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