FAST FOOD FIVE – 1/10/2014


Here are five recent fast food news bites:

For a limited time, Starbucks is offering a caramel flan latte. BOOM! Try to make that, McDonald’s! (via Starbucks Melody)

Sacré bleu! KFC France is offering fried fish. (via Burger Business)

Wendy’s is testing a gouda bacon cheeseburger on a brioche bun. However, I’d really like to see Wendy’s test a brie bacon cheeseburger on a brioche bun just so I can find out if they’re willing to call it a Brie Bri. (via Grub Grade)

Wendy’s plans to release a ciabatta bacon cheeseburger. However, I’d really like to see Wendy’s release a brie bacon cheeseburger on a ciabatta bun just so I can find out if they’re willing to call it a Brie Cia. Hmm. Thought Brie Cia would work. It didn’t. (via Brand Eating)

Is it getting too cold outside? Well then, just walk into a Dunkin’ Donuts and stay there. You don’t have to purchase anything. I mean, it’s got to be warmer in a Dunkin’ Donuts than outside of a Dunkin’ Donuts. But if you feel bad about loitering, I guess you could try one of their new sweet treats. (via PR Newswire)

2 thoughts on “FAST FOOD FIVE – 1/10/2014

  1. I don’t know if everyone was made this offer, but I was given a coupon for a free tall caramel flan latte on January 9 (because I have a Starbucks pre-paid card). It’s a bit too much on the sugar front for me (around 300 calories for a tall), but my husband tried it and he said it was very good. He can say that as he is a caramel fan and the latte is apparently all about the sort of caramel sauce that is on flan and not so much the flan itself.

  2. I was curious and tried a caramel flan frap this weekend. It was so sweet I couldn’t even get through 1/4 of the grande I ordered. I usually order a java chip frap with a shock of toffee nut and a caramel drizzle so it’s not like I’m adverse to sweet.

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