SPOTTED ON SHELVES – Self Healthy Kitchen Frozen Entrees

Written by | April 3, 2014

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SELF Healthy Kitchen Grilled Drunken Chicken

SELF Healthy Kitchen Southwest Style Chicken Enchilada

SELF Healthy Kitchen Three Cheese Lasagna

SELF Healthy Kitchen Garden Chicken Alfredo

Self Magazine has their own all-natural frozen food line! Way to go, Self Magazine publisher Condé Nast. I hope this is the start of more product lines from Condé Nast magazines. Perhaps GQ hair products, Architectural Digest pre-fab houses, Brides wedding dresses, and The New Yorker cover coloring books are in our future. (Spotted by Amanda at Kroger.)

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  1. Julia says:

    I actually like this cross-industry involvement. People do not eat up magazines like they use to.
    What would be more fascinating: Seeing frozen dinners from VOGUE magazine or SELF?

    From my actual knowledge I actually do possess, the typing is true: Vogue’s frozen food would be a $2,000 meal of organic and grass-fed oxygen from famous chef Ameliaire Dhsudh Gustav.

    SELF can do this because it supposedly is more …. Healthcentric.

    But would NOT you want to see Vogue do a frozen dinner? Harpers’s Bazaar, straight from the bazaar? What about SELF candy bars. I know,, I know: Not smart.

    But I wish companies where more like Lindt 4Q 2013 and just go completely ballistic within their industry with flavor combinations and high/low cross-industrial products. *shrugs*

    Back to work!

  2. sylvia says:

    so calvin harris is a dj and a chef? wonder if you can rock out while eating those meals by your*self*?

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