FAST FOOD NEWS – McDonald’s Raspberry Sweet Tea and Diet Sweet Tea

McDonald's Raspberry Sweet Tea and Diet Sweet Tea

Maybe it’s the mid-80 degree weather I’m sitting in as I type this or the sweater I’m wearing, but I’d kill for some McDonald’s Raspberry Sweet Tea or even Diet Sweet Tea right now. What’s in the Diet Sweet Tea? Only the finest in artificial sweeteners, aspartame, sucralose, and acesulfame potassium. There aren’t any mentions of these sweet teas on the McDonald’s website, so they’re probably test items. If you’ve seen them at a McDonald’s near you, let us know where in the comments. (Thanks for the photo, James!)

Oh, while doing some digging, I found this commercial.

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  1. I love the diet sweet tea at McDonald’s in Memphis. I can’t believe it is not real sweet tea. I asked the manager what sweetener was used, because I can’t believe it is 0 calories!
    She couldn’t tell me. Her answer was,”They won’t tell us.”
    That is a little scary to me. I will refrain from the diet tea until I find out:)

    1. Nothing scary. As a former employee that brews all the teas in the morning, the tea that is being brewed is pretty legit. We use Splenda for diet sweet tea and White Satin granulated sugar for our raspberry tea.

    2. Same here in Austin, Tx. I questioned the staff to see if they accidently put sweet tea in the diet sweet tea. Wow, so good!

  2. Southwest Louisiana has diet sweet tea, and I love it! No Texas McDonalds has it yet…at least none of the ones that I have tried.

    1. I just found some of the Diet Sweet Tea at the Palm Valley McDonald’s in Round Rock, TX. I enjoyed it, but seemed rather heavy on the artificial sweeteners. I am an insulin dependent diabetic, so I may have to go with the real sugar stuff and cover rthe carbs.

  3. I saw a lot of signs and billboards for the raspberry iced tea and the diet iced tea on the way home from Chicago to Ohio. I was very disappointed when I arrived home and found that our McDonald’s don’t carry either one. Please hurry to our restaurants!

  4. I just bought a diet Sweet Tea at SIU Carbondale (Illinois) and it was reeeeeallly sweet. And also it came with no ice and no longer is it in a foam cup (I loved those stupid foam cups, darn it!). So, since it was un-iced (WHAT’S UP WITH THAT?), i just sipped it down a bit and took it back to my office and filled it up with some ice. It helped to water down the overbearing sweetness of it. It does have that sucralose aftertaste, but hey — I was expecting a bit of that. They could stand to use less of their sweetening agents in it and it would be better, and that’s saying a lot coming from me. I usually like my tea to be like liquid candy.

  5. I just got what I thought was regular sweet tea but it tasted like it had Splenda or some other type of sweetener in it. Diet drinks make me sick and I couldn’t even finish the tea. Idk if they put it out accidentally or if they’re not telling anybody they’re switching it but I didn’t see any label that said it was diet.

  6. HOWDEEEEEEE! I live in Kentucky and we can’t get enough of McDonald’s diet sweet tea!!!!!!! I get a large one everyday (light ice) – and the rest of my day is great!! So long “sweet n low”. McDonald’s diet sweet tea is “deeeeeeelicious”. YEE HAW!!!!!

  7. I went to get my daily cup of diet sweet tea yesterday only to find it is no longer offered on the menu in Lawrenceburg, TN. I’ve been drinking it for months and now it is gone!! I was offered unsweetened tea. My reply was, “no thank you”,and I drove away! Very sad to see it go, hopeful that it comes back!!

  8. We’re suppose add an entire bag of sugar which is why it might taste too sweet, but we add half a bag to save money. I wouldn’t mind if it was a bit sweeter:

  9. Does anyone know the calories in the strawberry and peach flavoring. I got a strawberry flavored unsweet tea and it seems sweet, wonder about the calories.

    1. to Kim
      I also got the unsweet peach tea and thought it was kind of sweet. I called McDonalds to find out if it had any sweetener but they did not know (?) I also wanted to know the calories in unsweet peach tea and still no answer. What’s up with that? Guess I will not buy until I know what I am drinking

  10. I tasted the diet sweet tea in Marble Falls, Texas, west of Austin. It was delicious!!! Please bring it to San Antonio!!!!

  11. We have it in Louisville Ky but not down the road in Lexington, Ky. None in West Virginia either. Guess I’ll stay in Louisville. I love it. The nutritional info is on the McDonalds website for those interested?

  12. In Virginia they had peach strawberry and the raspberry I tried all 3 flavors and I love the raspberry one I really wish they would come back and stay a permanent item on the menu!!!!!!

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