FAST FOOD NEWS: McDonald’s Guava & Crème Pie

McDonald's Guava & Cre?me Pie

Impulsive Buy reader Kevin E sent us this photo taken at a McDonald’s drive-thru in South Miami, Florida. After searching Twitter to look for references of the new Guava & Crème Pie, it appears to be an exclusive flavor for the Florida market. It’s built similar to their Strawberries & Crème Pie and other fruit and crème pies we’ve seen before from McDonald’s. It has a guava filling and vanilla flavored crème in a sugar-coated crust.

If you’ve tried it or seen it in a state other than Florida, let us know in the comments.

21 thoughts on “FAST FOOD NEWS: McDonald’s Guava & Crème Pie

  1. One of the most popular uses for guava paste in Cuba and Central American countries involves baking equal parts guava paste and cream cheese inside of a puff pastry dough. I imagine this is McDonald’s trying to capitalize on that pastry.

    1. A layer of cream cheese on a water cracker topped with a dollop of guava pasta is the best! I learned about this little treat from a former coworker who grew up in Cuba. Not so sure I would like it inside a sugary pastry though.

  2. Florida vacation happening now that this exists. It’s not weird to shape vacay plans around this, right?!? This and Whataburger.

  3. It’s absolutely fantastic. I’m a white girl living in Hialeah (Miami metro), and am addicted to this pie. I wish it was available in other markets.

  4. I live in Palm Beach County, FL. I haven’t seen these in my area. The McDonald’s in my area are franchises, not corporate, I think. I don’t know if that makes a difference. I tried one down in Broward County, and it was awesome! Every time I go down there, I get one! The crust is like flaky pie crust. Very good!

  5. I had my doubts and I no longer even eat at McDonalds…but on that beautiful drive from Miami to Key West, while on vacation, we came across 1 McDonalds where we stopped to use the restroom. There I met the pie. It should tell you how good it is to know that I am sitting in my office in Chicago a month later dreaming about it. I was actually googling how to order the frozen pies so I can have them here….and I’m not even ashamed,

  6. I had it today at the Lakeside Village McDonalds in Windermere, FL. I figured it was exclusive to this area. It was VERY good… I was impressed. Very tropical tasting.

  7. Had it yesterday, didn’t like it at all. Extremely sweet and not so much the Guava taste I expected. Will never ever buy it again. I put it on my yuck list of McDonald’s worst pies.

  8. These are delicious! I bought some in Miami recently, and was amazed to find out that they didn’t even have them in Ft. Lauderdale.

  9. I just ate my first one. It will be my last one. Ugh. The guava filling tastes like a cross between perfume and who knows what else. The vanilla cream is unremarkable. The crust is blah and doughy. I don’t eat junk food much, so when I do, sometimes it just hits on all the wrong taste buds for quality.

  10. Just discovered this fantastic guava pie here in Tampa. I don’t eat at McDonalds and had no idea this was offered. Will go back for more.

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