SPOTTED ON SHELVES: Limited Edition Dannon Light & Fit Lemon Meringue Greek Yogurt

Limited Edition Dannon Light & Fit Lemon Meringue Greek Yogurt

My head thinks this has been out before. Or maybe I’m confusing it with a lemon meringue flavor for regular Dannon yogurt, Dannon Light & Fit Greek Mousse, Dannon Light & Fit Greek Crunch, Traditional Dannon Oikos, Nonfat Dannon Oikos, Dannon Oikos Triple Zero, or Dannon Oikos Crunch. (Spotted by Sylvia at Vons.)

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5 thoughts on “SPOTTED ON SHELVES: Limited Edition Dannon Light & Fit Lemon Meringue Greek Yogurt

  1. Just found this at Walmart, thought I’d try it because I was getting burned out on my “normal” light and fit flavors. This is hands down the MOST A-mazing yougurt I’ve even ate! Why it is limited edition is beyond me! Keep this one in the lineup Danon!

  2. I agree that this is the BEST EVER and hope that it never goes away. I found it at Walmart as well … Please don’t get rid of it!!

  3. Dannon Light & Fit Greek Yogurt – Lemon Meringue flavor was in Chantilly, Virginia at the Giant Food Store in the Greenbriar Shopping Center. I do remember seeing the “Limited Edition” on the label. The light & fit version is different from the Oikos and the Mousse type yogurt. It was very very good…I loved the lemon meringue for the same reason I like the Key Lime. If I had to choose between the two – it would have been for the lemon meringue.

  4. It WAS out for a little while in the spring, then gone for a few months, then came back with a VERY weak lemon flavor. The first edition tasted like real lemon meringue and the second edition tasted like they waved a lemon over it. Bring back the real lemon flavor

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