Cinnamon Sun Chips

Waysnack Machine is a series that looks back at discontinued junk food.

Did you know there were sweet SunChips?

The brand got out of its savory comfort zone years before Pringles got out of its savory comfort zone. Although not as often as Pringles, who has released a new sweet flavor every year since 2012.

Cinnamon SunChips came out in 2007 B.C.B. (Before Compostable Bag that made too much noise) and disappeared about a year or so later. I think I’ve seen it come back once. Or maybe it was a HFCS-induced dream. Or maybe I’m confusing it with the also discontinued Cinnamon Crunch SunChips.

Out of all the SunChips flavors I’ve tried (Disclosure: I haven’t tried all of them), the short-lived cinnamon one is my favorite. They were really good. The cinnamon and sugar that heavily seasoned each grainy chip made each one taste like a churro. There was even a little buttery flavor. Sure, while chewing, the sweet flavors eventually dissolved and the graininess of the SunChip came through, somewhat ruining the experience, but I still love them.

I’d really like them to come back, and a quick Google search shows that I’m not alone. But I don’t have high hopes because if my beloved Lightly Cinnamon Wheat Thins have taught me anything, it’s that cinnamon-flavored crunchy wheat snacks don’t sell well enough to become permanent or a recurring seasonal product.

Do you miss Cinnamon SunChips?

5 thoughts on “WAYSNACK MACHINE: Cinnamon SunChips

  1. My regional grocery store (HyVee) used to stock a store brand version of these. I served them at my son’s first birthday party (in 2013) with a cookie butter cream cheese dip. They were DEVOURED. But when I tried to repeat the feat for his second birthday, the chips had been discontinued; I had to go with Stacy’s cinnamon pita chips.

    HyVee (and whoever makes Sun Chips) missed out on a GOLD MINE by discontinuing these.

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