SPOTTED ON SHELVES: Hershey’s Flavor of New York Cherry Cheesecake Bars

Hershey s Flavor of New York Cherry Cheesecake Bars

New York is known for cherry cheesecake? Also, since it’s New York, I’m slightly disappointed this isn’t pizza flavored. (Spotted by @kkrugzhear at Cub Foods.)

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3 thoughts on “SPOTTED ON SHELVES: Hershey’s Flavor of New York Cherry Cheesecake Bars

  1. Other things from this Flavor Of… line (I’ve seen them on Instagram)
    Flavor of Florida Twizzlers (Orange Dreamsicle and Key Lime Pie)
    Flavor of Hawaii Coconut Almond Kisses
    Flavor of California Strawberry Kit Kats
    Flavor of ??? Honey Roasted Reese’s
    And a weird one… Flavor of Texas BBQ Payday

    1. Wow — they messed up the Flavor of Hawaii… it should be Coconut Macadamia kisses (which already existed)… and California is where nearly ALL of the US Almond farming takes place…. Flavor of NY should have been

  2. Had the strawberry kit kat in North Carolina and it was great. Went to get some more and they were gone. Where can i get some more of those Kit Kats?

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