ANNOUNCEMENT: Looking for New Reviewers (2016 Edition)

The Impulsive Buy is currently looking for enthusiastic, talented, entertaining, and self-motivated individuals to write junk food and fast food reviews. We hope to bring on a few new contributors to write one or two reviews per month.

It’s a paid gig, but we won’t say here how much we pay per review. However, we can say it’s enough for you to have a pizza party with several of your friends or more than enough to help you fill a bathtub with popcorn.

If you’d like to apply for the position, here’s what you’ll need to send:

1. One sample review in TIB format (nutrition facts, rating, price, pros, cons, etc at the bottom). The review MUST be a new junk food or fast food product (“New” meaning within the past three months. If you’re not sure if the product you want to review is new, email me). The sample review will help us determine if your writing style would be a good fit. The sample review length MUST be somewhere between 400-600 words (not including nutrition facts, rating, price, pros, cons, etc at the bottom).

2. Photo(s) of the product you reviewed. (Full resolution versions, please!)

3. A bio that includes why you want to write for The Impulsive Buy.

A Few Notes:

1. We’re not only judging you on your review, but also your photos to see your photography skills (Tip: Light will help your photos a lot.) and how you write your bio (Tip: have fun writing it).

2. Due to legal reasons, we can’t hire anyone under the age 18.

3. At this time, we’re only looking for writers located in the United States and Canada.

4. Please don’t send your review and bio as an attachment. Copy and paste them into your email. Photos should be sent as attachments.

To apply, please email your sample review, pictures, and bio to with “I’m a Hungry Hungry Hippo” in the subject line. We will stop accepting applicants on Saturday, January 23 at 11:59 p.m. HST.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email us.

Thank you.


ANNOUNCEMENT: Win Mountain Dew Pitch Black (But Not On This Site)

DSC 0009

Mountain Dew Pitch Black was introduced as a limited edition flavor during the 2004 Halloween season. A sequel with a sour bite came out the following year. Out of all the discontinued Mountain Dew flavors, the original Pitch Black is the only one I yearn for. But I’m not alone. Whenever we post something about Mountain Dew there’s usually a comment that says something like, “I wished they’d bring back Pitch Black.”

Well, my fellow Mountain Dew Pitch Black fans, Mountain Dew Pitch Black is back.*

Yes, that’s an asterisk and it’s not the good kind of asterisk.

*Mountain Dew is bringing back Pitch Black in limited quantities and you’ll have to enter a sweepstakes to have a chance to win some.

The sweepstakes will begin on Thursday, December 3 at 9 a.m. Eastern Time via the Mountain Dew Facebook page and will run through Saturday, December 5, 11:59 p.m. Eastern Time. Fans can enter the sweepstakes by commenting why they want Pitch Black on the sweepstakes posts using the hashtags #WeWantPitchBlack and #Sweeps. Fans will have three chances to enter (once per day) and 1,050 lucky fans will win a 15-pack case of Mountain Dew Pitch Black.

Good luck!

ANNOUNCEMENT: No New Posts During Thanksgiving Week

Update: Some of you might not be seeing our new posts, but I assure you there are. We’ve had some glitches that have been preventing new posts from showing up on the main page. Click our “TheImpulsiveBuy” logo at the top and it will hopefully show you the new posts. Or clearing your web browser’s cache might help. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Hello Everyone,

I just wanted to let you know The Impulsive Buy won’t be publishing anything from Sunday, November 22 to Sunday, November 29. I’m taking the entire week off. Although, if someone happens to send me a Spotted photo of a product like Bacon M&M’s, I’d most likely take a break from my break to post that photo. Because Bacon M&M’s would be scary awesome and all of you need to know about that.

Also, if you listen to any of the podcasts we put out, there won’t be any new episodes until early December.

Anyhoo, The Impulsive Buy will be back on November 30.

Happy Thanksgiving!