ANNOUNCEMENT: New Impulsive Buy Reviewer Anthony

Hello, Foods and Foodettes!

My name is Anthony and I am proud to announce my impending reign of terror against the world of The Impulsive Buy!

I’ve never been good at this whole “quick autobiography” thing, but Marvo gets what Marvo wants, so here goes nothing.

I was born in a country bumpkin town called Los Angeles nearly two decades ago, and when not spending my time running marathons (okay, fine – one marathon, once) and yelling Simpsons quotes in busy subway stations, I enjoy the hell out of a good processed meal.

Marie Callender’s is like a mother to me, if my mother enjoyed hanging out in freezers. I’ve gone to a rave with both Breyers AND Dreyer’s. And Burger King…meh, I don’t really care for Burger King.

But I’ll gladly give their foods a try, in the name of quasi-food reviewing. It can’t be too bad.

Can it?

But who I am isn’t what matters. I’m just excited to finally get a chance eat junk food and write about it. I’m really looking forward to this!

So here’s to some fun and terrifying food reviews!

ANNOUNCEMENT: Looking for New Reviewers (2015 Edition)

The Impulsive Buy is currently looking for enthusiastic, talented, funny, and self-motivated individuals to write processed food reviews. We hope to bring on a few new contributors to write one or two reviews per month.

It’s a paid gig, but we won’t say here how much we pay per review. However, we can say it’s enough for you to have a small pizza party.

If you would like to apply for the position, here’s what you’ll need to send:

1. One sample review in TIB format (nutrition facts, rating, price, pros, cons, etc at the bottom). The review must be a new product. The sample review will help us determine if your writing style would be a good fit. The sample review must somewhere between 400-600 words (not including nutrition facts, rating, price, pros, cons, etc at the bottom).

2. Photo(s) of the product you reviewed. (High quality versions, please!)

3. A bio that includes why you want to write for The Impulsive Buy.

A Few Notes:

1. We’re not only judging you on your review, but also your photos to see your photography skills (Tip: lighting will help your photos a lot) and how you write your bio (Tip: have fun writing it).

2. Due to legal reasons, we can’t hire anyone under the age 18.

3. At this time, we’re only looking for writers located in the United States.

4. Please don’t send your review and bio as an attachment. Copy and paste them into your email. Photos will be sent as attachments.

To apply, please email your sample review, pictures, and bio to with “BOOM! POW! SPLAT!” in the subject line. We will stop accepting applicants on March 31 at 11:59 p.m. HST.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email me.

Thank you.


ANNOUNCEMENT: The Nosh Show #46 Best and Worst of 2014

In this episode, Ryan, Dubba, Eric, and I talk about which Ben & Jerry’s Cookie Core Ice Creams and new Girl Scout Cookie flavors we’d nosh. Then we reveal our best and worst of 2014.

Listen to the episode RIGHT NOW by using the player below:

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Thanks for listening!