NEWS: What The Hell is Nectresse?

Nectresse Packets

So, you know how Equal comes in the blue packets, Splenda comes in the yellow packets, and Sweet’n Low comes in pink packets? Well, there a new no-calorie sweetener that’s going to claim orange packets. That’s sweetener my friends is Nectresse.

I know what you’re thinking. It totally sounds like a brand of citrus shampoo, but it’s not. Also, I think Nectresse would make a great stripper name.

This new natural no-calorie sweetener is made by the folks who make Splenda and, according to those folks, a packet of Nectresse provides the same sweetness as two teaspoons of sugar. The sweetener is made with erythritol, sugar, monk fruit extract, and molasses.

Yeah, I don’t know what monk fruit is either, so I AltaVistaed it, after I Googled to see if AltaVista still existed. Google led me to Wikipedia, which said it’s a small gourd-like fruit that’s native to China.

The Wikipedia entry didn’t specifically say why it’s called monk fruit, but after seeing pictures of it, I can only guess it got its name because the fruit looks like the bald head of a monk.

Nectresse Container

Pictures taken at Target.

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London 2012 Olympic Mascot Wenlock

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be wary (of bad spelling)

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THE DAY IN REVIEWS – 1/10/2011

Tiny Habanero

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