NEWS: Peeps Introduces New Caramel Flavored Dipped Marshmallow Chicks To Eat or Blow Up In Your Microwave

Peep Jousting 2

To be honest, I don’t really eat Peeps. I just like to use them in a way that would upset starving children in third world countries — Peep Wars. If you don’t know what Peep Wars are it involves sticking two Peeps, with toothpicks inserted into them, on a plate facing each other as if they’re going to duel. The plate is then microwaved and as the Peeps swell, their toothpicks will poke each other. The Peep that explodes first is the loser.

Peeps come in a variety of colors, but the new Caramel Flavored Dipped Marshmallow Peeps come in a tan color. That’s going to make Peep Wars a little more fun. The caramel-flavored Peeps’ bronzed bodies will make each Peep War look like a fighting scene from the movie 300. If only these Peeps were oily and had perfect abs.

But if you’re going to eat Caramel Flavored Dipped Marshmallow Peeps, they come in two varieties; they’re dipped in either milk or dark chocolate. The new flavor will only be available in three-count packages.