Which of the Five Will Stay Alive!!! (June Edition)

If you could step into my bedroom, you would probably think to yourself:

1. Why is there a rug with the famous painting of dogs playing poker on it?

2. Is the strobe light on all the time?

3. Are the eyes in the poster-sized picture of Marvo on the wall following me?

4. What’s with all the pairs of fuzzy handcuffs?

5. Holy crap! There sure are a lot of empty bottles and boxes on that shelf.

Yes, there are a lot of empty bottle and boxes of unreviewed products on my shelf and every so often I need to whittle it down. Thank goodness for these product elections, which is an opportunity to get rid of old stuff to make room for new stuff.

Damn, I sound like a car salesman.

Anyway, for this product election, you will be able to choose from FIVE candidates:

1. Lay’s Pizza Stax

2. Mini Swirlz Cinnamon Buns Cereal

3. Nabisco Kid Sense Smilin’ Ritz Bits

4. Rip It Energy Fuel

5. Bubblicious LeBron’s Lightning Lemonade Gum

The candidate with the most votes will be declared the winner. The winner will be reviewed and the other candidates will be considered the winner’s bitches.

To vote, just leave a comment for this post with your choice. Or you can email me with your choice in the subject line. Only one choice and vote per person.

I’ll be accepting votes until Sunday, June 5th. Sometime shortly after that, I’ll post the review of the winning product.

Now go vote like it’s the finals of American Idol.

108 thoughts to “Which of the Five Will Stay Alive!!! (June Edition)”

  1. Bubblicious LeBron’s Lightning Lemonade Gum.

    I could swear there was a cinnamon bun cereal in the past. I forget the name, but I remember the commercial…

  2. cinnamon swirls please. my new body wash is cinnamon bun scented, and i want to know if i should accessorize with this new hip and trendy cereal. yummmmm….

  3. Rip it! I’ve tried the Lays Pizza Stax. Meh. Pringles Pizza flavor is much better.

  4. Rip It!
    I would vote for the gum since Lebron plays for the Cleveland Cavaliers (I’m from Cleveland), but Rip It looks like something to rip on.

  5. The gum made my mouth hurt… so I’d like you to review it to see if you have similar mouth issues.

  6. Gotta be the gum. Do you think each piece is stamped with an imprint of LeBron’s face? Is there a liquidy burst of lemonade in each piece, like the old Freshen Up gum?

  7. Mini Swirls cereal cause I love cinnamon(and this is my first post after reading tons of your reviews)

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