300th Review Prize Drawing!!!

Wow! 300 reviews!

I can’t believe The Impulsive Buy has reached this milestone. But what’s more impressive is the fact that I didn’t need illegal performance enhancing drugs to reach it. All it took was hard work and dedication.

Some of you might say, “Well isn’t caffeine a performance enhancing drug? We all know you’ve done a lot of caffeine.”

My response to that would be, “No, caffeine is a legal, unregulated substance, and according to the Food and Drug Administration it’s safe for consumption. Now leave me alone, before I get all Barry Bonds on your ass and starting whining and complaining about the media.”

To celebrate the 300th review, The Impulsive Buy will be holding a prize drawing.

Three lucky readers will each receive a $25 gift certificate to Threadless, which The Impulsive Buy reviewed several weeks ago. So if you’re naked because you lost your clothes at the club while the DJ was spinning Nelly’s Hot in Herre, this would be your opportunity to no longer be naked.

To enter the 300th review prize drawing, just leave a comment for THIS post with the words “I’m drug free, check my pee” in it and whatever else you would like to say. Don’t worry, you don’t have to mean it.

Please don’t forget to fill out the email field, because I’ll be emailing the gift certificates to the winners.

The Impulsive Buy will start accepting entries for the drawing on Wednesday, June 14, 2006 and stop accepting entries on Wednesday, June 21, 2006. Only one entry allowed per person. The drawing is open to EVERYONE!!!

Good luck!

Fine Print: The Impulsive Buy promises your email address will not be used to send you newsletters from Taiwan in Chinese. Bribes will not be accepted. The Impulsive Buy will not be responsible for expired gift certificates, lost gift certificate codes, or the extra facial hair or enlarged forehead caused by the use of illegal performance enhancing drugs.

(Editor’s Note: If you’re interested — or bored — please check out the new review blog I started up called Cereal Mashup.)

206 thoughts to “300th Review Prize Drawing!!!”

  1. Amazing how you got all these people to say “I am drug free, check my pee”…

  2. I’m drug free, check my pee! Cool!

    I hope I win. I washed my last two shirts from Threadless with a tube of Chapstick, leaving little oil splotches everywhere. “I wear cheap, greasy shirts,” is not the best fashion statement to make.

  3. I’m drug free, check my pee!
    My kids need new shirts!
    Congratulations on the big 300!

  4. I’m drug free, check my pee~!

    Well at least, 5 months before school sports start. I just bought 2 t-shirts at threadless, strangely enough.

  5. I’m drug free, check my pee! Now check out Marvo’s awesome page! Congratulations!

  6. I’m drug free, check my pee!
    (I love your page, Marvo! Congrats on the 300 reviews!)

  7. I’m drug free, check my pee!

    How many sites do you need before your insatiable lust for reviewing things will be satisfied?!

    Also, Threadless is, if I may be so bold as to say so, “the shit”. Good prize choice.

  8. I’m drug free, check my pee!

    Or at least until I smoke the bud someone gave me as a tip the other day.

  9. I’m Drug Free, Check My Pee! And I mean it. Drugs suck donkey 13@||$. Anyway, I need the $25 for new shirts. Congrats, Marvo!

  10. Congratulations, Marvo! You’ve made my blog-browsing days happier since I’ve been reading. And guess what? I’m drug-free, check my pee!

  11. I’m drug free, check my pee! (you know, if you’re into that kind of thing….)

  12. Marvo, you must submit this as the new slogan for Major League Baseball.

    I’m drug free, check my pee (but don’t check it 2 years ago)

  13. I’m drug free, check my pee..
    but please don’t check too thoroughly ;x.

  14. My pee is whatever, I work 40 feet away from you so unless you expect constant harrassment on a daily basis from myself and my Donor Service cronies and your entire desk wrapped in tinfoil and mousetraps and me stealing your Staples button then you will let me WIN!

    Dana says this is her entry too. You know our emails!

  15. I’m drug free, check my pee! Yay Threadless and yay Impulsive Buy! My favorite things are coming together. Congrats on 300 and the new blog looks fun!

  16. You know, luckily, if it wasn’t for my morals last Wednesday night and the fact that I have finals next week, I wouldn’t be able to say I’m drug free, check my pee. ;]

  17. I’m drug free, check my pee.

    Man, it’s crazy how you can get so many people to do something random for the chance of winning something. Thanks for your website & for keeping me from getting bored at work.

  18. i’m drug free, check my pee, the best stuff in the world is free, give it to me :p

    happy 300th. here’s to another 300.

  19. “I’m quasi-drug free, check my pee.” Here’s the the best quasi-review blog on the internets!!

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