Which Body Part Should I Get Waxed?

There are some benefits to being hairier than others.

First off, winter nights don’t seem so cold because hair is wonderful insulation and I can somewhat understand why the Olsen Twins use actual animal fur to cover their meatless, Cryptkeeper-like bodies.

Secondly, having ample hair follicles means having a large field available for harvest if there is ever a need for hair transplants. Sure, some of them might be coarse or pubic-ish, but that’s what smelly, harsh hair-straightening chemicals are for.

Thirdly, if you’re a dude, you can open a few shirt buttons and play Magnum, P.I. whenever you want, if you have access to a Ferrari 308 GTS and can get Higgins, T.C. and Rick to play with you, which shouldn’t be hard, since they’re probably not doing anything anyway.

If you’re a long time reader of The Impulsive Buy or have seen me naked, you know that I am somewhat hirsute. For you newer readers, to give you an idea of how hairy I am, here are some posts that show some evidence that I may possibly be a descendant of the Yeti in the Disneyland Matterhorn ride. In the Veet Rasera review I showed off my legs, during the the first anniversary prize drawing post I gave readers a glimpse of my arms, and in the Axe Dry Clix review I scared off TIB readers by showing them my armpit.

So with a little convincing from TIB reader Cian, I decided to review the experience of getting some of my hair ripped out of their follicles via waxing, and you will help choose which body part of mine will feel that pain. I’m going to give you five options and you can vote on which one you like best or the one that will cause me the most pain.

Here are the five body parts you can vote for:

1. Underarms
2. Arms
3. Legs
4. Chest
5. Eyebrows (just sculpting)

(Extreme Editor’s Note: Getting a Manzilian IS NOT an option.)

The body part with the most votes will be declared the winner and I will get that part of my body waxed by a trained professional and then review the experience. Yes, in the review, there will be pictures of the procedure and just like a Rambo IV preview, if there is blood, I will show it to you.

To vote, either leave a comment with this post that contains the body part you want me to get waxed or email me at theimpulsivebuy AT gmail DOT com with your choice in the subject line. Only one choice and vote per person.

I’ll be accepting votes until Friday, January 11th (11:59 p.m. Hawaii Standard Time).

Now go vote like you’re helping to create one of the gazillion lists out there for the best and worst of 2007.

123 thoughts to “Which Body Part Should I Get Waxed?”

  1. Eyebrows! I want mine done so if you find somewhere inexpensive and good, I’ll go there too. But find out if they do female eyebrows too because I don’t want mine to come out all manly-ish.

  2. Why not your back? It’s the most common area for men to have waxed and the thicker skin on your back will make it a less traumatic experience, since it will be less painful.

    Plus, the other areas will definitely raise some questions when you encounter members of the opposite gender, whereas having a smooth back is attractive to 90% of women.

  3. Mario – Maybe next year I’ll go for the Manzilian, but for now I’ll settle for trimming. Oops…was that TMI?

    Robyn – No reason, but my back hair does provide me with cushion whenever I lay on my back.

    cian – No.

    liz – I think you put your email in the wrong box, but I fixed it.

    JoJo – Less pain means less fun.

  4. well, i was gonna say underarm, but that would hurt a lot. a whole lot if my experience is anything to go on. so i guess i vote legs.

  5. Isn’t marvo asian?? I forgot….but if he is he wouldn’t have much chest hair…?

    I vote underarms!

  6. I just got the Braun Silk Epil X’elle Epilator … yes the one that pulls out hair from the root at high speed. I used it on my arms, legs, armpits and bikini line…okay more than just the line…I carefully sculpted a landing strip…happy to say… I can still walk in a straight line.

    My vote is for sculpted brows…make sure they know you aren’t gay so they don’t go overboard.

  7. dude–you should SO totally get your chest waxed….what about your lower back though…you have to have some hair there??????? LMAO

  8. Chest Wins! Chest Wins! Chest Wins!

    Here are the final results:

    Chest: 66 votes
    Underarms: 19 votes
    Legs: 17 votes
    Eyebrows: 9 votes
    Arms: 5 votes

    Thanks to everyone who participated. Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to do some push-ups and sit-ups to make my midsection somewhat presentable.

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