The Week in Reviews – 9/13/2008

Let’s take a gander at reviews from other blogs this week, because you probably need something to cleanse your palate after seeing the photo of the poop toothpaste.

This review of Lean Cuisine’s Chicken Chow Mein with Rice is, I’m guessing, the 10,000th Lean Cuisine review on Heat Eat Review. Well, at least it seems like it’s been that many and, sadly, there’s probably thousands more to go. (via Heat Eat Review)

Oooh! It’s like Superman fighting Bizarro Superman, except in toaster pastry form. (via Second Rate Snacks)

Geez, these two have been in so many movies together, but they haven’t made out once. (via Pajiba)

Blue Jeans Energy Drink doesn’t really get me excited in this day and age, but if they had it in Russia in the 1980s, they would be a big hit, because Russians LOVED blue jeans back then. (via Energy Drink Reviews)

A mac and cheese with 72% of the RDA for fiber in a cup serving? (Insert fart joke here) (via Iateapie)

Okay, it’s not a product review, but it’s hard not to post something about a cow parade. (via Mike’s Blender)

10 thoughts to “The Week in Reviews – 9/13/2008”

  1. Wow, there’s a point where the good people at Lean Cuisine should start worrying about quality over quantity…

  2. I’m actually eating a Lean Cuisine for dinner right now. It’s pretty good– lemon pepper fish and rice.

    Dude. I almost want to buy that toothpaste just to make fake dog poop and leave it on certain people’s cars when they irritate me at work.

  3. @Abi Jones – You should throw a HER party when you reach the 100th Lean Cuisine review.

    @armauld – It’s hit or miss with Lean Cuisine meals, but they’re always coming up with new ideas, so they’re like the Jack in the Box of frozen foods.

    @Alisa – Cool beans!

    @Alisha – It looks good, and it’s good for you, unlike the macaroni and cheese I make with unbelievable amounts of butter that would make Paula Deen blush.

    @Diana – If you enter the prize drawing, there is a chance that you won’t have to buy it.

  4. @Nevis – Awww…that’s sweet of you to say! I just kissed your avatar. Now my monitor is short circuiting. I just heard a pop. Oh, now there’s smoke…and fire. I hope you felt that, because I apparently have one powerful kiss.

  5. Awesome! There was a cow parade near my house, and we bought one! We have a cow parade cow in front of our house!

  6. Haha, awesome. There was a cow parade near my house, and we bought one. It’s in front of our house.

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