The Week in Reviews – 9/27/2008

Sorry for the lack of reviews this week, but I figured the horror of the Cocoa Puffs video would make you forget that we did only two reviews. To make up for it, here are a few links to some of my favorite reviews this week from other blogs.

The Playboy Sugar Free Energy Drink is apparently much better than a Playboy Silicone Free Magazine Issue. (via Energy Drink Ratings)

Are you fucking kidding me? Caffeinated oatmeal? Well if it makes Wilford Brimley more exciting than he is now, so be it. (via Possessed by Caffeine)

Even if they’re caramel apple flavored, the only thing candy corn is good for is making Trick-or-Treaters sad and ensuring they don’t come back to your house next Halloween. (via Candyblog)

If they made energy drinks in the 1980s, this is what the cans would look like. (via Energy Drink Reviews

Claim Jumper frozen meals now come with less packaging. Whoop-di-doo! How about Claim Jumper frozen meals with less salt, saturated fat, and prices that don’t increase the possibility that banks may foreclose my meal. (via Cheap Eats)

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