The Week in Reviews – 10/4/2008

It was a week full of product reviews that made me wonder “WTF?” Here are a few of them.

Oreo…I’ve lost a little respect for you because you’ve whored yourself out. Oreo pie crust I can understand, but Oreo straws? That’s where I draw the line. (via Gigi-Reviews)

I’m not sure what the word “chelada” means, but I’m thinking it means “bad idea” or “for suckers” or “better than drinking rubbing alcohol.” (via Second Rate Snacks)

If you mess with the O.G. of Hot Pockets, you’re going to get burned. (via Heat Eat Review)

I don’t need to eat High School Musical Cereal, because my life is full of moments when I break out into a song and dance at inappropriate moments. (via So Good)

Easy. Breezy. Minty. Beautiful. Cover Girl. (via The Message Whore)

Do you have a Flickr account? Are you desperate for Flickr friends? I am too, so check out The Impulsive Buy’s Flickr Photostream. Currently, it’s where you can see some of the products I’ve bought over the years, but will never review. It’s like a TIB Graveyard.