The Week in Reviews – 10/25/2008

Too many products, so little time. Thank goodness for other review blogs.

There’s a new limited edition Pepsi in Japan that tastes like yogurt. I’m waiting for Japan to come out with a Pepsi that tastes like Pepsi. (via Mike’s Blender)

I’m going to eat these to avenge the death of Newman in Jurassic Park. (via Candyblog)

I’ve never wanted to have sex with a burger before, but this burger makes me want to commit meatiality. (via Fast Food Critic)

Both Gold n Cremes and Twinkies sound like porn genres. (via Second Rate Snacks)

Older women who chase younger men now have their own energy drink. Now that middle-aged women have their own energy drink, I’m guessing elderly people will soon get their own too. Extreme Ensure, perhaps? (via Energy Drink Ratings)

11 thoughts to “The Week in Reviews – 10/25/2008”

  1. Damn, that does look good. They have one opening in my area soon…it will be a bit of a drive from home, but definitely worth checking out I think. I like Fuddruckers also though.

  2. Five Guys is just ok in my book. I think they are overpriced, and they aren’t nearly as good as everyone said they were. I actually make better burgers at home, and I am not a good chef at all.

    I may sound cheap in calling them overpriced, but last time I went, 2 burgers, 2 sodas, and one order of fries was almost $20. That is a lot for a fast food meal to me.

  3. Five Guys is a good burger. Best out of any fast food I’ve tasted. My only complaint is that they only have American cheese available, I prefer cheddar and sometimes like to switch it up a bit with jalapeno jack or something..most fast food places only offer American, but Five Guys isn’t really fast food prices so I’d appreciate another option, but if I’m in the mood, Five Guys is good.

    And Japan has to be the weirdest country in the world. They have so many weird tasting things. If I went to visit I’d spend half my time sampling various Japanese junk food.

  4. @Chuck – I thought you typed “Fudfuckers.” I need to cut back on the swearing.

    @bj – Slowly, other burger places are getting to that price range. At Burger King, some of their meals are about $8, but then again that might be because I live in Hawaii.

    @Juliet – I’m sure it tastes like yogurt, but has none of those live and active cultures.

    @Natalie – If I went to Japan and ended up in a grocery store, I would totally blow my product reviewer load.

  5. Marvo, it really is because you live in hawaii. Burger King meals are at most a little above $5, and they also send out coupon books that offer a free sandwich with purchase. (Free whopper with purchase of whopper value meal and so on.)

    My point is that I live near 3 of the best burger places (according to The Wall Street Journal) in the country. (Ann’s Snack Shack won that honor and is five minutes away) I am not going to five guys for their burgers anymore. (Oh, and their fries suck. They are always soggy…even if I eat them immediately.) I guess I am blessed to live in burger heaven, but Five Guys really only works in a pinch.

  6. @bj – Bah! The price for living in paradise! I’m going to go to the warm beach at stare at hot tourists in bikinis and make them feel uncomfortable.

  7. And I just wrote “shack” instead of “bar.” Sorry, that’s the pet name I gave for it. (For obvious reason, of course.)

  8. Eh, if I liked the beach I would be jealous. (I am one of the few that can’t swim, hates sand, and doesn’t like margaritas. Blame the jellyfish sting when I was six.)

  9. I lived in the Buckhead/Brookhaven area of Atlanta for the past couple years but never made it to Ann’s. I did go to the Vortex which is also home to amazing burgers and even ruder customer service.

    Oddly enough, I’m moving to another super high priced state in Jan…except it’s Alaska…pretty much the opposite of Hawaii. But maybe they’ll have fun Russian food there..since I’ll be able to see it from my house and all.

  10. @bj – We have warm weather that rarely drops below 70 degrees…and sharks.

    @Natalie – Are you going to Alaska for the helicopter hunting?

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