The Week in Reviews – 11/8/2008

Do you enjoy words? Then you will enjoy sentences, and if you like sentences, then you’ll love paragraphs. If you love paragraphs, then you’ll like these reviews from other review blogs.

I was disappointed to find out that the Taco Rack was not what I hoped it to be — a delicious way to position the balls for a game of pool. Ha! You probably thought I was going to make a boobies joke. Instead I’ll let you folks do that in the comments. (via Phoood)

The director of the classic Deep Throat passes away and we honor his work with an energy drink? Well I guess it does make sense since we do swallow the energy drink. (via Possessed by Caffeine)

Yay! Egg nog! I’m pretty sure the reason for my yearly weight gain during the holiday season is caused by the gallons of egg nog I drink and not the turkey. Since it’s only around for a couple of months, I need to drink as much of it as I can. (via Gigi Reviews)

I guess my theory that Mello Yello and Mountain Dew are the same thing because I never see them at the same place and at the same time is wrong. Unless, the photo has been Photoshopped to trick me. (via Second Rate Snacks)

I find it to be weird eating a candy bar that looks like it needs a condom wrapped around it to prevent whatever those bumps are from spreading. (via Candy Blog)

10 thoughts to “The Week in Reviews – 11/8/2008”

  1. You can also use an upside down muffin pan instead of a taco rack. And I imagined taco boobs when I first read this, not anything to do with pool.

    I don’t like egg nog. It’s too thick.

    I didn’t realize both mello yello and mountain dew weren’t available in most places. I don’t drink either. My brother in law is a mello yello drinker though.

  2. i was thinking of some sort of bra thats designed to look like tacos. a yellow half cup balconnet bra, with green and red ruffles (lettuce, tomatoes/salsa). now if it was a pink taco rack – that would be a different story…

  3. Marvo, your review site here is fantastic! I’m only now catching up on the lenghty archives you have built-up.

    Your wit and point-of-view on the various products had me rolling on the floor! Hilarious!

    I’m adding you to my links page. Keep up the good work!

  4. Marvo, going through your archives, I”m still on the floor, buss’ laughing!

    What I noticed is that you don’t buy anything from Marukai, which is surprising, given your proximity from work to the main warehouse club location on Dillingham, and your penchant for uncanny foreign (especially Japanese) products.

    There’s plenty of weird food and other products for fodder at Marukai. Enough to to do a product review every day here.

    The annual membership is just $10, and I think worth it. Especially since you need to balance your unhealthy diet of new Jack in the Box burger inventions with healthy Japanese food (except that Blue Hawaii Pepsi drink). lol

    Seriously, if you aren’t already a Marukai member, I’d highly recommend joining. I love the place.

  5. Marvo, I learned it from my mom. She’s smarter than Martha. Well, at least she’s never been arrested.

  6. @julie – Your description sounds like something Fredrick’s of Hollywood would come up with.

    @Red Icculus – I personally think rum by itself is festive enough, after all, it’s in the Little Drummer Boy song, “rum-pa-pa-pum.”

    @Pomai – Thanks for your kind words. We will keep up the good work and thanks for adding TIB to your links page.

    @Pomai – I think I’ve been to Marukai twice in my life. I HATE that parking lot, which always seems to be full. I have Nijiya Market near my place, so I can get my Japanese food fill there.

    @Natalie – But is she hotter than Martha? If I had Martha, a crochet needle and some yarn, oh the things I would do with her.

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