The Week in Reviews – 11/15/2008

There’s only 40 more days until Christmas. None of the following will make a decent Christmas present, unless you don’t like the person you’re giving them to.

It began with 5-Hour Energy. Now it’s six hours of energy? You know what gives me 16-18 hours of energy? Sleep and hitting the snooze button on my alarm clock five times. (via Energy Drink Ratings)

The Limited Edition Candy Cane Oreo with help prepare my palate for all the candy canes I’ll receive/shoplift/steal from shopping mall Santas/bully away from school children this holiday season. (via Gigi Reviews)

My face burns red with shame because the Japanese can only fit three berries into a Kit Kat bar. Japanese ingenuity has died. (via Japanese Snack Reviews)

I promise I’m not linking to this video review of the Skyline Chili and Spaghetti frozen meal because the reviewer is a fellow Asian. I’m linking to it because I miss Heat Eat Review. (via Freezer Burns)

Pfff…A hand renewal dishwashing liquid? Nothing is sexier than rough hands and fingers stroking my back and making me imagine I’m caressing Bea Arthur. (via Cheaplander)

4 thoughts to “The Week in Reviews – 11/15/2008”

  1. I’m sure that, as we sit here snacking at our computers, KitKat researchers in Japan are feverishly working on the new “KitKat Weird” flavor – a delicate fusion of tentacle pron (sic), robot, and cosplaying maid flavors. It’ll be a regional bar which you can only pick up in Akihabara or Kabuki-cho and seasonal in that you can only pick it up while geeks are lined up to buy tickets to see idols or idol goods. Of course, that’s a year-round situation in Akihabara.

    (Thanks for the link. 🙂 )

  2. I watched that entire video review of the chili. I love Asian men reviewing products for me. And it had a nifty theme song.

  3. @Orchid64 – I wonder what failed Japanese Kit Kat flavors there have been. Natto Kit Kat? Wasabi Kit Kat?

    @Aimee – Enjoy! Hopefully, I’ll be able to enjoy them too.

    @Natalie – Yup, Asian persuasion. Gotta love it.

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