The Week in Reviews – 11/22/2008

Yay! Reviews I didn’t write!

The current trend in energy drinks are these “shots,” like this one from Full Throttle, which is another thing that proves that size doesn’t matter. (via Energy Drink Reviews)

I believe I read that tilapia is considered a delicacy in the rest of the United States, but here in Hawaii, tilapia is ALWAYS thrown back when caught by fishermen and isn’t served in any restaurants. But we here in Hawaii do love SPAM. (via Fast Food Critic)

Hershey’s Kisses that taste like candy corn? Seems like another candy to give to those I do not care for. (The Chocolate Review)

The theory that combining Pop Rocks and Coke will causing you to explode was just a myth. Combining chocolate and Pop Rocks just makes a decent candy. Where’s my explosion? Am I going to have to contact the Mythbusters to get one? (via Candyblog)

I really can’t take seriously a brand of cookie that doesn’t have a chocolate chip version and one of the flavors is called Multigrain, which is the least appetizing flavor for a cookie. I would not want to lick that cookie dough off of a spoon…or stripper. (via Snackerrific)

8 thoughts to “The Week in Reviews – 11/22/2008”

  1. Just saw a commercial for Ziplock airtight bags with an air-removal pump. You should totally review that.

  2. What fish do you eat most often there, Marvo? I love tilapia, it’s cheap on every menu and available everywhere in Georgia. It’s not really a delicacy, just abundant.

    Also, cookies must contain chocolate and/or peanut butter to ever be considered. The only exception are pecan sandies. Those are delicious. Review those.

  3. @Antonio – I keep seeing those too, so maybe I will.

    @Natalie – Either salmon, tuna, or mahimahi once a week because I need to eat something healthy.

    @Sam – He just took a break, but he just turned one in, so see that very soon, like in a few hours.

  4. I like the bottom feeder.

    I’m moving to the state of salmon (Alaska) in Jan. unfortunately, I don’t really like salmon. Hopefully I’ll be able to find tilapia there.

  5. i always called tilapia ‘junkfish’ and was surprised when i moved to the mainland several years ago and saw that people actually ate it. i refuse to try it, it lives in all the drainage ditches in nanakuli along with the rubbish that floats in off the street. ewwww.

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