The Week in Reviews – 11/29/2008

Enjoy Thanksgiving? Enjoy Black Friday? If you didn’t, please enjoy these reviews from some of my favorite blogs.

So Guns N’ Roses FINALLY released their Chinese Democracy album. There’s no Slash, but thankfully all the songs are under seven minute long and there’s none of that nine minute marathon-ish-it-never-seems-to-end November Rain shit. (via Pajiba)

Oh, the Japanese! So many ways to freshen breath, but none of them work. If only their breath freshening methods were as efficient as their automobiles. (via Mike’s Blender)

I’m pretty sure if you pit a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup against other peanut butter cups, the Reese’s will win EVERY SINGLE TIME. It’s like sticking a yappy chihuahua in a cage with a cocaine-fueled Andy Dick, who will out annoy the chihuahua EVERY SINGLE TIME. (via Second Rate Snacks)

I got rid of my cable TV, downgraded my internet services, got rid of my telephone landline, and I’ve been thinking about downgrading my cell phone plan to save money, but I guess if I really want to save money, all I really need to do is buy a lot of Beanee Weenees. (via Cheap Eats)

Hey look! More turkey! (via Freezer Burns)

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  1. My dog eats better than you and I both, Marvo. He’s old and the vet told us to feed him both dog food and human food. Once a day he gets a bowl of dog food, and he gets brown rice, green beans or carrots and either hot dogs or liver for dinner.

    I end up eating a sandwich most nights.

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