The Week in Reviews – 12/13/2008

You have only 11 more shopping days until Christmas, but after that you have 364 more days to buy a belated Christmas gift.

Just like the lime after a shot of tequila, I’m sure these will make me want to pucker up. You know what else will make me pucker up? Being alone in a room with Betty White and Bea Arthur would, because I love funny female senior citizens. (via Candy Addict)

If any of you want to kidnap me, all you have to do is feed me some shrimp fried rice because when I eat shrimp I break out into hives and pass out. If you want an easier plan, just leave a trail of Oreo cookies on the ground that leads to a simple trap. (via Heat Eat Review)

After reading this review, I am thinking Arby’s. Oooh, something shiny! I guess I’m not anymore. (via Fast Food Critic)

I don’t need an energy drink to get a dose of patriotism. All I need is an American flag, the Pledge of Allegiance, and my 50 States Quarters set. (via Energy Fiend)

When it comes to cheese in can form, I don’t discriminate. As long as I can make a cheese bikini with it, I’m good. (via Second Rate Snacks)

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  1. You should try Kabang Energy Candy its all natural and contains no caffine and comes in 4 awesome flavors

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