The Week in Reviews – 12/20/2008

Product review goodness wrapped in an HTML shell.

Be prepared this holiday season with Christmas mints when you find yourself under a mistletoe or when you trick someone into standing under a mistletoe. (via Candyblog)

The maker of such movies as Scary Movie, Date Movie, Epic Movie, and Superhero Movie should make a movie called Carrey Movie, which would be a spoof of all of Jim Carrey’s movies. I think that would be the only movie that ends with the word “movie” I would pay to see and then walked out of because it’s so horrible. (via Pajiba)

Ugh. Frozen burritos. (Cue the flashbacks from college after failed attempts at cooking and the time when I didn’t separate the Costco ground beef into individual pounds and ended up with a six pound block of frozen ground beef.) (via Freezer Burns)

If someone tried to replace my Rice Krispies Treats with a brown rice version, that brown better be there because of chocolate. (via Snackerrific)

I’m probably ruining the wholesomeness of Disney by saying this, but doesn’t the picture on the box of this Disney cereal look like Tigger is getting a little intimate with Winnie the Pooh? I’ve seen enough porn to know that back massages eventually leads to bow-chica-bow-bow. (via

4 thoughts to “The Week in Reviews – 12/20/2008”

  1. Marvo, I’d like to request a non-food product review from you: the Kinoki Detox Food Pad. You may have seen the infomercial on it.

    These product claims to detoxify your body as you sleep with them stuck on your feet.

    Your comedic take reviewing that product would probably have me rolling on the floor! I can see it now: you’re gonna’ NOT follow the instructions and have them stuck on the palms of your hand (or God help us where else on your body) instead of under your feet. lol

  2. @Pomai – I don’t think I could stick them on my palms, because there’s too much hair there. I thought about trying them, but while doing research on them, I found out that they’re such a rip off that I would hate to give them more coverage.

    @Chuck – I’m glad they’re not anatomically correct.

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