The Week in Reviews – 12/27/2008

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Honestly, I’ve always wanted to French Kiss a reindeer so I can check bestiality off of my list of things I must do before I die. (via Second Rate Snacks)

I learned a new word this week: ramekins. Now I shall use it incorrectly in a sentence: After seeing her son defend the flock, the mama ewe was so proud of her little ramekins. (via Heat Eat Review)

I can’t decide which silly energy drink name I like better: Donkey Kick or Wild Tiger. (via Energy Drink Reviews)

The list of things I can enjoy straight out of the container with a spoon has gotten longer. Ice cream, Cool Whip, Nesquik powder mix, Crisco, and now Spoonfudge. (via Candyblog).

A Fannie May/Chicago Cubs candy bar? Sounds like a candy bar filled with disaster. Combine a baseball team that hasn’t won a World Series in a century with a candy company that has a name similar to a money lending organization that’s been in the news a lot recently and you’ve got a something I would be afraid to purchase for fear of it being cursed or foreclosed. (via Candy Addict)

4 thoughts to “The Week in Reviews – 12/27/2008”

  1. My family doesn’t have a set of ramekins and I didn’t know they existed until I was 12 and went to stay with my super cool aunt who had them. I thought they were the coolest dishes ever..and when I become a functioning adult with nice things, I’ll include ramekins in my life.

    And Wild Tiger.

  2. Something tells me that drink was only called Donkey Kick after someone reminded everyone else that Donkey Punch was a bit innapropriate.

  3. @Natalie – I predict some company out there will come up with Tiger Kick Energy Drink.

    @Mike – Sorry, Mike. Wrong post.

    @SarahSilen – Being inappropriate is something that doesn’t really bother energy drink companies. Cocaine Energy Drink, Crack Head Energy Drink, etc.

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