The Week in Reviews – 1/3/2009

Product review blog goodness wrapped in an HTML shell.

Hungry-Man XXL meals are meant for two people. So fellas, if you want to give your lady friend the least romantic dinner she’s ever had, pick up the Hungry-Man XXL Meatloaf meal. It’s like a chastity belt made up of frozen meat. (via Freezer Burns)

I trust Arby’s with roast beef and their Horsey Sauce, but I wouldn’t trust them with anything else, especially egg rolls. (via Fast Food Critic)

I think I would like the Orville Redenbacher Natural Wild Berry Mini Popcorn Cakes because I like my popcorn the same way I like my women: natural, wild, mini, and with long last names. (via

I predict that the Skittles Crazy Cores will not appeal to younger demographics because there’s an S at the end of the word “Cores” and not a Z. Kidz luv crazy spellingz. EPIC FAIL. (via Candy Addict)

The Lean Cuisine Steak Tips Dijon is the 77th Lean Cuisine meal Heat Eat Review has reviewed. I think they deserve a medal or a lei made out of frozen Lean Cuisine meals. (via Heat Eat Review)