The Week in Reviews – 1/17/2009

Product review blog goodness wrapped in an HTML shell.

If all mall cops were as incompetent as Paul Blart, Free Winona Ryder t-shirts would’ve never existed. (via Pajiba)

The Big Mac may look like a culinary school project reject, but that special sauce gets me every single time. (via Fast Food Critic)

Mmm…What a recession tastes like. (via Cheap Eats)

That’s just great. I now have to put one more sprayable item into my man purse to go along with the pepper spray, spray-on tan, and FDS. (via

I enjoy products that are able to multitask, like these Kahlua chocolates. Eating the entire bag will not only get me fat, but also get me drunk enough to make the show Bromance slightly tolerable. Oh, who am I kidding? The only amount of alcohol that would make that show tolerable is a bottle of vodka slammed across my head and knocking me out. (via Candy Addict)

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