Here are a few product reviews posted this week from other blogs wrapped in an HTML shell and served with immature writing.

If I want to see a professional wrestler in a shitty movie, I’ll just put my well-used VHS copy of Suburban Commando in the VCR and bask in the glory of Hulkamania. (via Pajiba)

Eating poi is an acquired taste, but eating poi made from a powder mix is a taste that I believe can’t be acquired and should be considered an abomination. (via Tasty Island)

It’s good to know that frozen breakfast sandwiches look as crappy as fast food breakfast sandwiches, because I need some consistency in my life. (via Frozen Food Journal)

As you can read here, I totally predicted Heat Eat Review would review the new Healthy Choice meals. I will now like to predict that the University of Connecticut will win both the men’s and women’s college basketball titles. (via Heat Eat Review)

Cinnabon has candy? I wonder if its aroma will attract me to it, but after I eat it I’ll feel like throwing up, just like with a regular Cinnabon roll? (via Jim’s Chocolate Mission)

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