Here are a few product reviews posted this week from other blogs wrapped in an HTML shell and served with immature writing.

I’ve tried this pricey toothpaste before and me likey because it’s refreshing and it combines my name with my twin sister’s name. Wonder Twin powers, activate! (via +/-)

Tuna + Mayo + Corn + Pizza = Pass (via Japanese Snack Reviews)

Can’t stop staring at cans. (via Possessed by Caffeine)

I hope this bring us one step closer to making energy bacon a reality. (via Energy Drink Ratings)

Speaking of bacon, I was hoping that this chicken wrapped in bacon would be awesome, but it proves the cardinal rule of bacon — it makes everything better — wrong. I weep with sadness. (via Freezer Burns)

2 thoughts to “THE WEEK IN REVIEWS – 5/9/2009”

  1. When I went to Shakey’s in the early in my time in Japan, they had an all you can eat thing going on with nothing left but corn and tuna pizza. It was starve or tolerate it. You can learn to stomach a lot when you have already paid and have little choice. 😉

    Thanks for the link!

  2. I didn’t mind the Japanese pizza at all. In fact I ate most of the stuff their with no problem but I did like how Lawson and other convenient stores had awesome food at any time, day or night. I will take the pizza over noodles in a bun anytime. 🙂

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