Here are a few product reviews posted this week from other blogs wrapped in an HTML shell and served with immature writing.

If you’re afraid of nutrition facts that involve lots of high double digit percentages, DO NOT read this review. (via Frozen Food Journal)

This Dale Earnhardt Jr. inspired Amp Energy Drink will probably wash away the taste of the Jeff Gordon Energy Drink in the mouths of NASCAR fans, because apparently most of them hate Jeff Gordon. (via Everyview)

I’m a sucker for foods that contain green rice. (via Heat Eat Review)

This is probably one of the least visually appetizing Butterfinger products ever. (via Foodette Reviews)

I guess I didn’t get the memo. It turns out that it’s Strawberried Peanut Butter M&Ms review week. (via Gigi Reviews, Candy Blog, We Rate Stuff and Snack Love)

7 thoughts to “THE WEEK IN REVIEWS – 5/23/2009”

  1. Finding out that two other sites ended up on here for the same review as me, makes me feel like a I wore the same dress as them to the dance.

    Oh well, we always appreciate the link love, thanks.

  2. @Kaitis: I just added a fourth review to make sure there weren’t any third wheels, because I know the feeling of being the third wheel.

  3. Hey thanks for the link, Marvo!

    @Fran: Yeah, I agree. The Butterfinger Pies are pretty good. As long as you don’t look at them while you eat them. But everything from BK is pretty damn ugly.

  4. Is it just my perversions showing, or is the name “Butterfinger cream pie” rather dirty-sounding?

  5. I had a ridiculous urge to calculate the calories and percent daily values for that Nutrition Facts label up there.

    There is something seriously wrong with me.

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