The Impulsive Buy Podcast: Episode #1

Welcome to the first ever video podcast for The Impulsive Buy!

I’ve always wanted to do a weekly video podcast but I didn’t have an idea of how it should look and feel. I now have that figured that out. I’ve had a video camera for a while now intending to make a podcast, but all I’ve used it for until now was to make homemade solo sex tapes.

If you’re a long time reader of The Impulsive Buy, you know I’ve tried to keep anonymous, but with this video podcast, you will finally know what I look like, which means I will be easier to stalk. The Impulsive Buy has been around for almost five years, so I figured it was about time to out myself.

Anyway, back to the podcast itself, it’s everything TIB has done except in video form, so there will be new product news, a Week in Reviews segment and a 60 second review that will NEVER be 60 seconds long. I’m going to try to get a new episode out every Sunday.

Now without further ado, here’s the first episode of The Impulsive Buy Podcast.


PS – I know I should be standing further to the right. It will be fixed in the next episode.

PPS – There are still some graphical kinks I have to work out.

PPPS – I’m working on getting the TIB podcast on iTunes, but I have to figure out bandwidth issues since each file is BIG.

Show Notes:

Week in Reviews Links:

Frozen Food Journal’s review of the Hungry-Man Sports Grill Beer Battered Chicken

Candy Blog’s review of the Dubble Bubble Chewola Bubble Gum Crayons

ED Junkie’s reviews of the Monster Nitrous Energy Drinks: Anti-Gravity, Killer-B and Super Dry


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  1. I love the podcast!!! Awesome deal! I do agree though, you could be totally sitting and relaxing, it would be similar to SNL little news bits or a Conan type show, but still nonetheless! Awesome! I can not believe you are the one who writes the reviews, I also thought it was a severely overweight male who has boxes of eaten goodies littered all over the room with just enough space to sit in front of the computer LOL! Refreshing to see you!

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