The Impulsive Buy Podcast: Episode #1

Welcome to the first ever video podcast for The Impulsive Buy!

I’ve always wanted to do a weekly video podcast but I didn’t have an idea of how it should look and feel. I now have that figured that out. I’ve had a video camera for a while now intending to make a podcast, but all I’ve used it for until now was to make homemade solo sex tapes.

If you’re a long time reader of The Impulsive Buy, you know I’ve tried to keep anonymous, but with this video podcast, you will finally know what I look like, which means I will be easier to stalk. The Impulsive Buy has been around for almost five years, so I figured it was about time to out myself.

Anyway, back to the podcast itself, it’s everything TIB has done except in video form, so there will be new product news, a Week in Reviews segment and a 60 second review that will NEVER be 60 seconds long. I’m going to try to get a new episode out every Sunday.

Now without further ado, here’s the first episode of The Impulsive Buy Podcast.


PS – I know I should be standing further to the right. It will be fixed in the next episode.

PPS – There are still some graphical kinks I have to work out.

PPPS – I’m working on getting the TIB podcast on iTunes, but I have to figure out bandwidth issues since each file is BIG.

Show Notes:

Week in Reviews Links:

Frozen Food Journal’s review of the Hungry-Man Sports Grill Beer Battered Chicken

Candy Blog’s review of the Dubble Bubble Chewola Bubble Gum Crayons

ED Junkie’s reviews of the Monster Nitrous Energy Drinks: Anti-Gravity, Killer-B and Super Dry


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52 thoughts to “The Impulsive Buy Podcast: Episode #1”

  1. You’re so handsomely HOT that I bet the stalkers are already trying to track you down. Careful with those tweets about where you are!

  2. That was great dude. I’ve been looking forward to this for awhile back when ou teased us a little. I like the fact that you didn’t try to remain anonymous….this is much better, more personal. Fantastic formula. It’s like the lazy man’s TIB, I don’t have read anything but I get all the snappy dialogue and great one-lines 😛

    Good job Marvo!

  3. I thought it was good. It’s a little hard to convey the sarcastic nature while reading from a teleprompter, but you did made a good start.

  4. That was great! I really liked it. You were really animated and did a great job.

    See, I always for some reason thought, that these reviews were done by a obese old guy- just because of the snarky comments. But you are an awesome surprise! Keep the reviews coming!

  5. Nicely done, Marvo! The various ice cream shots with bigger and bigger containers were really funny. And the podcast looked very professionally done. The blended bread smoothie looked EWWW though.

  6. Item: The Impulsive Buy Podcast
    Price: Free
    Size: Dozens of MB
    Purchased at: YouTube
    Rating: 10 out of 10
    Pros: Marvo unmasked. Homemade solo sex tapes. A little something something. Bread blending. Fake cancer sticks. Heroin before the withdrawals. Making lactose intolerant people jealous.
    Cons: Homemade solo sex tapes with graphical kinks.

  7. Looks great, Marvo! Maybe I should do something with those two years of Video Production courses at the university level and create something better than some B&W pseudo art films that I even want to call myself a douche for making.

  8. Dang, I had no idea you had such public speaking chops – pretty good! And get ready for marriage proposals after the unmasking…

  9. First of all, you’re so adorable and I love you. It’s nice to see you branching out and this is exciting!
    However, and please don’t take this the wrong way, I have some constructive criticism.

    I encourage you to rewatch the playback a lot and examine your pitch and tone. You have a lot of high points, and it’s not enough variation to keep the sound interesting. Your writing is sarcastic by nature, and by having so many of your words “up” in pitch, you’re losing some of that. You give a general product review or quote another blog in the same tone as the joke you make after that. Which can make it hard to tell the difference. Look at some of the timing, as well. Examine some of the pauses and how they can be used for better effect.

    You seem a little nervous, which is totally normal. What if you were sitting instead of standing, maybe behind a desk? Or something. That might help a bit. I always find it easier when doing public speaking or anything like that.

    I understand the background is plain so you can put product shots up next to you, but it might be too plain. There’s not enough visual stimulation, in my opinion.

    I hope any of this is helpful. You are, naturally, invited to tell me to fuck off. Regardless, I really love seeing you and this site try a new direction!!!

  10. Aw, Marvo, thanks for letting us see you. I’m easily old enough to be your mom, and I think you’re adorable. I love the way the product pictures just seem to float up there beside you.

    That said, I really like the efficiency of written reviews–watching a video takes up more of my time, sometimes for something not that interesting to me.

  11. I’ve been reading this site for about 2 years and I love that you are doing podcast. It was really funny and the look was perfect

    I don’t know what else to say, I just wanted to show my encouragment and tell you to keep it up

  12. Awesome! I felt like I was being lazy. Like I was reading the blog, with no actual “reading” involved. Keep up the good work!

  13. Zounds! It’s Marvo!

    Great work with the podcast! Hope to see these becoming a regular feature, this was quite entertaining.

  14. Loved the bit with the ice cream. I look forward to more.

    I’d love it if you’d bring a little more of your sarcasm to the video podcast though!

  15. You can keep your podpeoplecasts, Marvo. angry bob is wise to your alien plot.

  16. HA HA! Great job! So professionally done and I can’t believe you did it without a pie pan over your face. I think the possible next step for you is working the morning shows on one of our local TV stations. I just wish all YouTube’s videos wouldn’t appear jerky on my computer.

  17. Oh, Marvo, you’re wonderful in video format. I love being able to soak in your knowledge by watching you as opposed to reading it.

    Also, you look a lot like a guy that gave me a campus tour once.

    PS. You’ve moved yourself to the top of my internet crush list.
    PPS. Watch out for stalkers.

  18. Very nice. Funny and true to Marvo form. Now you will be noticed in public! Hope that goes well for you.

  19. Finally! can now take down fragmented Frankenstein (surprisingly accurate) montage “photo” from FAN wall and just put computer monitor there! Good job dude!

  20. Wow, I am incredibly disappointed by the professionalism here. What the hell is this, Unwrapped with Mark Summers? As an aside, I noticed that you and Fred Armisen have the same voice. Impulsively bought food for thought.

  21. Nice awkward, jittery arm movements. I bet you practiced all night in front of a mirror.

  22. Great job, but Dude, after reading some of the comments I am kind of scared for you.

  23. That was awesome. It’s super-concentrated TIB in video form! I still love the written reviews, though — they are classic.

  24. Marvo has revealed himself.
    The magical mystery is now gone.

    So when will you be dancing in a dress again?

  25. wow we finally get to see your face!!! but in the video you sound very mechanical like you were reading a script and the expressions seemed a little too fake to be funny. be more natural. film it before you write it.

  26. great call putting ice cream in your first podcast…way better than an hands on demonstration of say …the “comfort wipe”

    nice job, keep it up.

  27. Are you milking us for more praise?
    Just remember… one day it may happen to you – lactose tolerant one moment, lactose intolerent the next. You are young and it could very well happen in a few years.

  28. I’m disappointed. I thought you were gonna be ugly. Well atleast you’re girly voice makes up for it.

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